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Warehouse with many products on shelves

Why Invest in a WMS?

The decision to invest in a WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a cost effective business investment. It can mean the difference between a year in the black and a year in the red.

There are a number of reasons to invest in a WMS, and automating the control of stock in a warehouse. However in a nutshell there are two key outcomes:

  • Improving accuracy
  • Improving efficiency

With margins being squeezed, the ever increasing need to improve processes and drive down costs, one of the main reasons to invest in a WMS, can have a rapid and positive impact on the bottom line.

Driving down warehousing costs

Implementing a WMS reduces operating costs, giving excellent return on investment.

Labour costs can be reduced by as much as 30%, with employees spending less time per order than if they were using paper based stock control.

A warehouse management system directs staff to put away and pick in the most economical, productive and effective way.

Companies that invest in a WMS are also more environmentally friendly, as they use less paper used and see less wasted stock.

Improvements in accuracy and efficiency

If your business is a 3PL or fulfilment company you may currently be struggling to fulfil customer orders at busy times and be limiting your sales as a result.

With a WMS, quicker processing times can see your productivity increase, allowing your business to grow and prosper.

Lost stock will quickly become a thing of the past and with the addition of barcode readers you can achieve 100% pick accuracy.

By making optimum use of staff and warehouse capacity, a WMS can allow you to focus better on the day to day management of your business.

Better customer service

Implementing a WMS enables orders to be fulfilled quicker, more accurately and reduce errors; in turn reducing returns and complaints.

Knowing what stock you have and controlling the optimum level of stock not only improves accuracy for you, but also for your clients.

Optima warehouse management software provides the ability for clients to view their own stock and produce reports; thus giving better customer satisfaction.

As well as saving staff time in client queries this makes huge improvements to customer service levels and helps boost customer loyalty by exceeding their expectations.