Metapack 2017 Consumer Research Report Takeaways

Metapack 2017 State of Ecommerce Delivery Consumer Research Report  Screenshot

Want to know what customers want from ecommerce retailers? Is free shipping more important than next day delivery? Read on to find out.

We recently read the Metapack 2017 State of Ecommerce Delivery Consumer Research Report (requires registration).

This report contains many useful statistics for ecommerce retailers, ranging from what customers say is most important to them now, what they would pay extra for, and what they want to see in the future.

This then provides a detailed insight into consumer opinions on ecommerce product delivery and couriers, and what retailers need to be aware of.

We thought we’d summarise the most important and relevant points, and give you our Top 10 Takeaways from the report.

1. Wide choice of delivery options

A wide range of delivery options will reduce basket abandonment

This means that customers can choose the quickest, cheapest or most convenient delivery time for them, and so are more likely to buy.

2. Consumers share bad experiences

Consumers are not afraid to share their bad fulfilment experiences

This means that you need to make sure that your fulfilment experience meets your product quality and price, as well as your brand / company reputation.

3. Speed is imperative

Customers want things quickly these days

With retailers like Argos and Amazon offering same day delivery for some products and in some locations, offering at least a next day service is essential for many customers.

4. Environmentally friendly delivery

Consumers are concerned about the environmental impact

There are several suggestions to combat this, including combining orders into one delivery, or asking companies to work together so customers can combine orders from different retailers into one delivery.

5. ‘Try before you buy’

More and more people are buying items and then returning them

We’re definitely seeing a rise in ‘try before you buy’, and whilst this is common for clothing retailers, it is now also being seen across other types of products too.

6. Delivery loyalty schemes

Delivery loyalty schemes appeal to customers

Loyalty schemes, such as Amazon Prime, are popular with consumers, and can be used to perhaps increase frequency of purchase, as well as average order value.

7. Luxury goods delivery experience

The delivery experience for luxury goods is often underwhelming

When buying a premium product, whether a box of chocolates, designer clothing, or jewellery, customers feel that significant improvements can be made.

8. Communicate with customers

Improving communications with customers will pay off

In our experience your customers benefit from having better dispatch, tracking and notification emails, or the ability to track their order via the courier or retailer’ website, so that they know where their order is and when to expect it.

9. Post-Brexit Britain

Customers are anxious about post-Brexit Britain

However, retailers can get delivery options right for overseas buyers, and make it easy for people to buy from wherever they are in the world.

10. You can’t be complacent

Customers expect the same service from smaller companies

If you want to compete with the leading retailers, or be innovative, you have to do things differently.

Doing what you’ve always done isn’t going to cut it any more, and you may find that your once-loyal customers now prefer your competitors.


There’s a lot to learn from this report, and some of the things that customers value the most, may surprise you.

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