Neil Bennett explains hosted vs installed WMS in April’s Intralogistics Magazine

Image of Neil Bennett of Optima WMS in April 2017 Intralogistics Magazine

Installed vs Hosted WMS – which is right for you?

Optima Sales Director Neil Bennett was delighted to be interviewed by Intralogistics Magazine on the subject of hosted vs installed Warehouse Management Systems for the April edition of the magazine.

Neil explained some of the differences between a hosted vs installed WMS to help potential customers see the pros and cons of a hosted vs installed WMS, and also he mentioned what type of customers choose which option, and which is the most popular.

Neil also outlined some of the cost details and ROI, as well as the future of WMS.

Interested? Read the hosted vs installed WMS article on page 22 of April’s Intralogistics Magazine  and find out more about Optima Optimiser WMS, to see whether a hosted or installed WMS how it can help your warehouse and your business.

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