Your Warehouse in 2018

If you’re glad that the busiest time of your year is over, then perhaps you’ve finally got a minute to yourself, and now you’re thinking about your warehouse in 2018. You might be extremely thankful for your WMS, and how much of a difference it made to your busiest period of the year. However, now… Read more »

Optima’s response to the Metapack 2017 Consumer Research Report

After highlighting our Top 10 Takeaways from the Metapack 2017 Consumer Research Report, we thought we’d respond with our thoughts on how Optima and Optimser WMS can help you meet your customer expectations. 1. Customers want a wide range of delivery options It goes without saying that customers want a wide range of delivery options… Read more »

Optima Consultancy Service

As well as providing highly effective Warehouse Management Systems to companies of all sizes, across different industries and sectors, both in the UK and abroad, we also provide a consultancy service too. A lot of our consultancy work stems from the WMS project, as you learn more about the features and benefits of Optimiser WMS,… Read more »

2017 WMS Installations

Our Optima 2017 article, talked about some of the technical improvements we made last year to Optimser WMS, and the systems we now integrate with, this time we’re talking about Warehouse Management System installations. We are delighted to report that we also delivered a number of Warehouse Management Systems to different types of customers. Here… Read more »

Optima 2017

It was a fantastic 2017 for us all here at Optima, and our Optimser Warehouse Management Software goes from strength to strength, thanks to our team, and our customers. Here’s what you need to know about Optima in 2017. Technical features We worked introducing and improving a lot of technical features during 2017. Here’s just… Read more »

Metapack 2017 Consumer Research Report Takeaways

Want to know what customers want from ecommerce retailers? Is free shipping more important than next day delivery? Read on to find out. We recently read the Metapack 2017 State of Ecommerce Delivery Consumer Research Report (requires registration). This report contains many useful statistics for ecommerce retailers, ranging from what customers say is most important to them… Read more »