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Warehouse with many products on shelves

Optional Modules

A Flexible WMS Solution to Fit Your Organisation

The addition of optional modules provides flexibility to suit your present business needs and an easy upgrade path to fit your plans for the future.

We offer a range of optional modules with extra functionality to suit the requirements of various types of warehouse or industry sectors.

These modules simply ‘plug in’ to the core Optimiser WMS solution and can be added to your existing solution as and when your business expands.

The modules range from Invoicing and Bill of Materials to RF Scanning and provide a host of different benefits.

For example, Workflow provides businesses with the ability to automatically provide real time data from Optimiser to external sources such as 3PL clients or couriers, improving accuracy and saving time and money.

Optimiser Workflow has the ability to not only handle the transfer of data and documents in and out of Optimiser, but provide online marketplace integration and courier integration – empowering your business to achieve more.

Optimiser Workflow is unique in that it offers its own selection of modules, such as Online Marketplace Integration, and Courier Integration.

These features provide excellent benefits for e-commerce and fulfilment companies; providing them with a fast and efficient way of processing invoices and automatically integrating with a courier broker. This in turn not only increases their customer service levels, but provides huge cost savings too.

To find out more about Optimiser’s Optional Modules or for a free demonstration contact:

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