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Huge distribution warehouse with high shelves and loaders. Bottom view.

2017 WMS Installations


Our Optima 2017 article, talked about some of the technical improvements we made last year to Optimser WMS, and the systems we now integrate with, this time we’re talking about Warehouse Management System installations.

We are delighted to report that we also delivered a number of Warehouse Management Systems to different types of customers.

Here are just some customers we’ve recently helped.


Autofulfil is an Irish fulfilment house with lots of diverse e-commerce customers.

Uniquely, they sell and wrap (like laminate) school books which is a requirement in Irish schools.

Dynamic Storage

Dynamic Storage is a Bristol based storage, transport and distribution company.

We’re currently in the process of designing and building their WMS software.

KeyMail UK

Keymail UK is a Middlesex based parcel-forwarding business, having diversified into 3PL fulfilment.

They wanted a Warehouse Management System that would integrate with multiple e-commerce sites and couriers.

Kettle Interiors

Kettle Interiors is a Northamptonshire based supplier of high-end furnishings to trades.

They needed a way of keeping track of stock both in their UK warehouse and their Vietnamese warehouse.

Thanks to our comprehensive fact finding to determine their problems to determine the best solution, only Project Co-ordinator, Curtis Bridge, needed to go to Vietnam install and deploy their warehouse management system.

Marketing Logistics

Marketing Logistics is a Wiltshire based 3PL fulfilment client.

They wanted a relatively straightforward WMS software to help their customers grow their businesses.

Radius Logistics

Radius Logistics is Bristol based and offers air, sea and road freight services as well as warehousing.

They wanted their WMS software to help them keep track of their European, USA and Far East cargo movements.

Rhenus Logistics

Rhenus Logistics is based in Germany and offers air, sea and road freight and warehousing services around the world.

They already use Optimiser on behalf of another client, and wanted their own version of the system so they can use it for other customers.

Existing customers

In addition to new installations, we’ve helped a number of our existing clients to scale their WMS software as their business  expanded, including a European client who moved into new premises.

We’ve also provided several clients with more functionality as they’ve seen what difference their Optimiser WMS has made, and identified how else it can help their business.


As you can see, each of these warehouse management system projects was different, and had its own set of unique requirements and challenges, which we were able to identify and overcome.

If you’re looking for a better way to manage your warehouse, whether for your own stock, or for other people’s stock, then why not Contact Us at 01270 500777 today to tell us how an Optima warehouse management system can help you.