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WMS Benefits for Own Goods Warehouses

WMS Benefits for Own Goods Warehouses

Optimiser WMS software reduces lost stock and increases accuracy and efficiency in your own goods warehouses.

The Goods Receipt gives you an added level of stock control by:

  • Creating a pre-receipt
  • Assigning an automatic stock location
  • Confirming put away.

You can also specify a picking rule and a put away rule hierarchy, so that the software helps you decide locations and order and priority of jobs.

With the use of Optimiser Workflow, data can easily be imported and exported between Optimiser and other systems such as such as your Accounts, ERP, and SAP systems. Additionally, the Sage Integration Module can integrate your business processes into or out of Sage, such as your despatch confirmations and your invoices.

Here’s just some of the other things Optimiser WMS does for own goods warehouses like yours:

  • Reduces lost stock and eliminates the necessity to re-key data;
  • Increases stock accuracy
  • Provides 100% accurate stock location & stock picking through Optimiser’s RF Scanning Module
  • Captures all stock movements
  • Applies charges automatically using the Invoice Module

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