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What can an advanced WMS offer a growing business?


Established retailers recognised the benefits of computerised stock management a long time ago, but thanks to the huge increase in online e-commerce smaller retailers are now expected to deliver the same levels of service as their longer standing competitors.

Customers do not care who supplies them as long as the product they want is available, at the right price and delivered on time, so for a mid-size growing company it’s vital that they are able to offer the exact same service as their rivals.

The challenge facing such businesses is knowing when to invest in a more advanced WMS (Warehouse Management System) or whether to just make do with what they’ve got.

So ask yourself, are these things that your business would benefit from? If so, it might be time to make the change to an advanced WMS.

Greater Independence

Some off-the-shelf e-commerce packages include basic stock control functionality and larger sites offer “fulfilment” to smaller retailers but neither is likely to be adequate for a business that wants to retain its control and independence.

At some point you may want similar functionality for your WMS solutions.

Reduced manual intervention

Advanced WMS software will mean less time setting up and monitoring daily operations, so everyone is able to adapt to new requirements quickly and easily. A WMS that’s easy to use will reduce the amount of time you spend on employee training and allow you to get on with the day-to-day requirements of running a business.

Increased data accuracy

It’s one thing to have a WMS that allows you to monitor the performance of your warehouse operations; but if you can’t analyse that data then it is of little use. A good WMS should allow you to produced detailed reports that let you see how your business is running, with minimum of complications while providing metrics that are easy understand, that will also allow you set new goals for your business.

Seamless data exchange

A good WMS should be compatible with all the other software packages and ERP systems that you are using. A WMS has to work in conjunction with a range of other packages to keep a business running, as well as making it successful – that’s why it’s so important that the system you use integrates seamlessly in order to maximise the data you have collected.


If you need new WMS software, want a better of way of dispatching orders, or are interested in how to make your warehouse more efficient, then why not see how we can help?

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