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Huge distribution warehouse with high shelves and loaders. Bottom view.


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Could an Optima WMS help you meet your 2017 business goals?

Need to be more efficient and effective, whilst reducing costs and increasing revenue? Could an Optima WMS help you achieve your 2017 business goals?  We talked about 2017 business goals in our previous article, and perhaps you now know what you want to achieve, how you’re going to achieve it, and what you need to… Read more »

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What Are Your 2017 Business Goals?

Have you determined your 2017 business goals yet? What have you got your sights on?  Here at Optima we speak to many companies who are looking at different WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) to help them better meet their business goals, customer needs, and enable them to stand out from competitors. Each company we speak to has… Read more »

Lloyds PGS Directors standing by a Lloyds PGS lorry


PGS Logistics deliver on time, every time, thanks to Optima

PGS Global Logistics have been in business for over 25 years and in that time have prided themselves in offering the same values and attention to detail as they did a quarter of a century ago. But as the business has grown PGS Global Logistics found they needed WMS software which allowed them to maintain a… Read more »

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Why customers choose Optima

  If you’re looking for a Warehouse Management System (WMS) then perhaps you know exactly what you want and why. Or perhaps you don’t know where to start? So here are a few reasons why Optima WS are the experts to turn to if you’re in need of WMS software to suit your business needs… Read more »

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Is your warehouse ready for Black Friday?

  Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, not just on the high street, but online too. Like it or loathe it Black Friday is fast becoming part of our shopping culture. The festive fueled shopping frenzy takes place on November 25th this year and no doubt will will once again see images… Read more »

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Everything you need to know about Black Friday

Like it or not, Black Friday looks like it’s here to stay and has quickly become as entrenched in the British calendar as summer holidays and the January sales. But how much about this huge shopping frenzy do you know about? Originating in America (where else?), Black Friday takes place on the final Friday in… Read more »

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Is your warehouse management system ready for Christmas?

Getting your warehouse management system ready for Christmas is essential. With Christmas way less than 100 days away, people are already getting organised and ready for Christmas, from booking Christmas parties and writing lists, to ordering or dispatching stock, and actually buying presents. For many manufacturers, suppliers and retailers the run up to Christmas is… Read more »

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Why Choose Shopify?

  Discover why Optima have integrated with Shopify to enhance their WMS. We mentioned recently that we’ve integrated the Opitma WMS with Shopify. This adds another ecommerce platform to our WMS alongside Amazon, eBbay, and Magento, as well as other ecommerce platforms, and gives online retailers another reason to choose Shopify. So why did we choose… Read more »

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Shopify ecommerce WMS delivered on time

Optima are delighted to announce that a new ecommerce WMS that integrates Shopify has gone live. The software, recently designed following a request from BOXstation, now makes it easier for small companies and retailers to not only sell their products; but also keep track of stock levels and orders via the widely used Shopify selling platform. BOXstation offer clients… Read more »

Busy warehouse showing workers putting items in boxes for shipping


The Incontinence Shop moves to new warehouse facilty

A client of Optima WS has recently moved to brand new premises; almost doubling the size of its warehouse facility after a surge in business. The Incontinence Shop, based in Bolton, left their 10,000 square foot property and is now occupying a 19,000 square foot building just a stone’s throw away from their previous location…. Read more »