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Coronavirus: what is the impact on warehousing?


No one in the warehousing sector is likely to forget 2020 anytime soon. The challenging and unprecedented circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have unquestionably impacted the warehousing industry.

With its global lockdowns, tier systems and continuing economic challenges, we explore the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on warehousing.

The new COVID-19 variant

At the time of writing, UK hauliers attempting to enter France were halted at the Dover border this week while the government worked to lift a temporary travel ban imposed by EU nations in response to the new COVID-19 variant.

The travel ban placed significant strain on supply chains, with reports that up to 2,850 total lorries were stranded in Kent in the days following Sunday 20th December.  

While the lifting of the French travel ban brings hope for supply chains, the mutated coronavirus outbreak in the UK has, and is likely to continue to impact the warehousing industry if future European travel bans are enforced.

Technology to ensure workforce safety

One thing that is clear about the events of 2020 and COVID-19 is the importance of safety. This has inevitably led to warehouse managers placing more emphasis on staff safety. Due to the huge increase in online consumers due to this year’s lockdowns, warehouses have had significant recruitment drives to increase workforces in order to fulfil supply and demand.

Increased headcounts have meant the onus is on warehouse managers to keep their staff safe, ensuring effective social distancing measures are in place. This is where an effective warehouse management system (WMS) comes into play, which keeps workers safe by allowing them to carry out their duties in specially designated zones.

More investment in a warehouse management system (WMS)  

An effective warehouse management system (WMS) will help warehouses make vital efficiencies, improve accuracy, productivity and maintain safe social distancing.

A WMS reduces the reliance on human resources and will impact significantly upon a warehouse’s revenue and bottom line, something all in the warehousing sector need to be mindful of after the initial and ongoing impact of COVID-19.

Automated WMD systems have become even more attractive to warehouse managers thanks to the many benefits they deliver warehouse operations.  

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Safeguard your warehouse operations today 

At Optima Warehouse Solutions we pride ourselves on providing high quality and cost-effective warehouse management software (WMS) systems to the warehouse industry and logistics companies.

Contact us to discover how our WMS systems can transform your operations, make efficiencies and ensure operation and workforce safely amid the COVID-19 pandemic.