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Huge distribution warehouse with high shelves and loaders. Bottom view.

How do I choose a good warehouse? Our tips will help!


The leap in e-commerce in the wake of Covid-19 has signalled a new age of expectations within supply chains for both organisations and consumers alike. Optimising your storage and logistics solutions is paramount when it comes to setting the new industry standards and choosing the right warehouse, which is equipped to suit your needs is a crucial step.

Here are 10 top tips to help you choose the right warehouse:

1: Warehouse Location

Whatever type of business you operate, being within reasonable proximity of your customers is a key consideration. Being able to process, fulfil and deliver customer orders in a rapid and cost-effective way will have significant impact on your success.

2: Lease/Purchase Considerations

Ensure you factor in the type of rental or purchase contract your warehouse of choice offers. Is a seasonal warehouse better suited for your goods production? Is the warehouse flexible on storage if consumer demand shifts? Take note of different leasing types dependant on your requirements.

3: Storage Requirements

Is your warehouse suited to handle and store a range of goods? Do you need specific considerations for hazardous or flammable materials, or specialised storage for perishable items or chemicals?

4: Technology Systems

Technological advancements have had a significant impact on the nature of warehousing and logistics in recent years. When considering a warehouse, make sure to ask about the technological capabilities and whether their systems align with those of the distribution services?

5: Employees

Make note of your labour needs and see how they align with the warehouse capabilities. Do you require a 24-hour operation? Are the warehouse personnel able to respond to an increase in product demand?

6: Access and Logistical Integration

Optimise your ability to deliver your goods in a timely fashion by ensuring your warehouse has the best possible access options. Consider your proximity to public transport, the local traffic, motorway connectivity etc. Poor accessibility can cause delayed deliveries, negatively impacting your customer relations.

7: Client Profile

Consider the warehouse’s previous clientele. Are they used to handling smaller scale services, or do they have the proven capabilities to handle more advanced needs of larger businesses?

8: Diverse Capabilities

Choosing a warehouse with diverse capabilities allows you to enjoy the additional benefits of integrated solutions with a wider range of services and proven handling methods, as opposed to those you may not find in a basic warehouse format.

9: Safety, Security and Insurance

It is always beneficial to undertake your own safety and security audits before you choose a warehouse to ensure the procedures in place align with your own standards, as well as selecting an insurance policy that covers your specific requirements.

10: Additional Warehousing Services

Do you simply require a space for basic storage, or are you looking for a warehouse that can provide a number of additional services such as packing, labelling, quality control etc? Integrated services can often save you time and money in the long-term, should you require them.

At Optima Warehouse Solutions, we provide powerful warehouse management solutions to help establish and support your new warehouse. To find out more, please get in touch.