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Neil Bennett talks about Courier Integration in February 2018’s Intralogistics Magazine


Neil Bennett interview with Intralogistcs Magazine screenshot

Optima Director Neil Bennett was again delighted to be interviewed for the latest Intralogistics Magazine

Optima Sales Director, Neil Bennet, discussed courier integration, changes in delivery expectations, and how companies can make more of their WMS software and technology to improve the delivery and returns procedure with Intralogistics Magazine.

Neil also talked about some of the new changes and improvements made to Optimiser WMS Software to speed up import and export and invoicing, and how a better warehouse management system really makes a difference to companies of all sizes, and across all sectors.

He talked about our recent project with online fashion retailer, Chi Chi London, and how our WMS is helping them dispatch more orders.

You can read the interview on page 14 of February 2018’s Intralogistics Magazine.


During 2017 amongst other things, we significantly increased the number of couriers and courier management systems Optimiser now integrates with, and it was a great opportunity to highlight this to the readers of Intralogistics Magazine.

It also enabled us to mention to readers that Optimiser WMS software uses bespoke courier rules which automatically choose the right courier. Rules can be set up for things like order destination, size of items and required delivery date.

This can help dramatically speed up the dispatch process, and also explains why we think that using the right courier, or couriers, is so important.

We know that a lot of our target audience read Intralogistics Magazine, and can identify but are not necessarily actively looking for a WMS at this time.

They will definitely be able to identify with some of the issues raised, which in turn will get them thinking about their warehouse, and asking whether their existing Warehouse Management System is fit for purpose, or whether they need new WMS software.

So, it’s great to be able to get Optima and the Optimser WMS software in front of them again, and show what we have done for other companies, and what we can do.


If the Intralogistics Magazine article made you think more about your warehouse, and encouraged you to use WMS software to make it more efficient and effective, whilst saving time and money, then we’d love to hear from you.

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