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Bespoke WMS created for asra Housing Group


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Optima WS are delighted to announce that they have launched new warehouse management software for asra Housing.

asra Housing was set-up in 1965 and has a long and rich heritage and through a sustained programme of building, mergers and partnership

They have grown to be a provider of 14,000 homes for those that need them most across London and the Midlands.

The asra Project (meaning shelter in Hindi and Urdu) was started in response to incidences of elderly Asians becoming homeless, living in isolated conditions and suffering from physical and verbal harassment.

As well as providing secure housing for those in need, asra also distribute furniture and appliance “packs” for new tenants from their warehouse in Ilkeston, storing, building and maintaining stock as well as delivering them to tenants.

asra therefore required a WMS to keep track of what stock they have, so their head office can book delivery of packs to new tenants. They also wanted a way of keeping track of where packs have gone and when they have been delivered, as well as the ability to cover returns of stock at the end of a tenancy

A person standing in front of the asra van

Successfully Delivered: Drivers will be able to use tablets to update the status of orders

As a result of the new software designed by Optima WS, staff at asra will now be able to use hand-held scanners in the warehouse to put away and pick items. This not only making the process easier, but makes ensures stock lists are accurate and up-to-date almost instantly.

Delivery drivers will also be able to log-in on a tablet and update the order to say it’s been successfully delivered.

The software has been developed as part of the successful Optimiser platform and has been adapted accordingly to meet the very unique needs of such a complex set of requirements.

Optimiser is a modular and scalable stock-control system which tracks quantities and locations of different products within a warehouse, while also recording incoming, outgoing and alterations to stock.

Additional modules allow it to guide warehouse processes with barcode scanning, create production orders and calculate charges based on stock for invoicing purposes. It also has native integration with eCommerce platforms and couriers, and integrates fully with other software through import and export of files.

This means management information can be produced, printed and automatically exported as required.


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