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Optima Consultancy Service


As well as providing highly effective Warehouse Management Systems to companies of all sizes, across different industries and sectors, both in the UK and abroad, we also provide a consultancy service too.

A lot of our consultancy work stems from the WMS software implementation project, as you learn more about the features and benefits of Optimiser WMS, and we learn how else Optima can help your business.

‘There’s got to be a better way to do this’

As we learn more about your problems, and you learn how else Optimiser can be used or adapted to meet your exact needs, we often hear the phrase ‘There’s got to be a better way to do this’.

During the project fact-finding stages, we discover things like you:

  • Are using various legacy systems
  • Input or extract the same data several times
  • Use a warehouse management system that doesn’t talk to your websites
  • Suffer with picking errors
  • Don’t know what stock you have
  • Can’t find missing stock
  • Are now handling more or different types of products

Finding out these things right at the beginning of a project enables us to identify and understand the causes of the problems, and find ways to resolve them.

Every customer is unique

Many of our customers may be similar industries, such as:

Or have similar types of problems, but we know that every business is unique, and so is the WMS software we deliver you.

By listening to your needs and offering solutions based on our experience, we can begin to understand what is important, and how we can make a big difference to your business and your customers.

‘Do it properly’

We take a ‘do it properly’ approach to make sure that the WMS software we deliver is right for your business, your products and your customers.

Your WMS software will be tailored to your needs, and designed and developed to resolve your problems.

Sometimes, what seems like a relatively straightforward project, can be much more complicated and take longer, in order to resolve all the problems, and change procedures.

Thinking about the long term, and the ‘right way’ to do things, and what the best outcome would be, helps you and us to understand what is right for you.

Whilst it may take more resources to identify, define and fix these problems, the benefits will definitely be worth it.

We may even be able to help address larger issues, that would perhaps normally be out of scope, such as:

  • Reorganising your warehouse
  • Improving storage labelling
  • Advising on racking or barcode scanners

How could an Optimiser WMS make a big difference?

Learning how your business works, enables us to identify where we can make a big difference.

Such as:

  • Automating repetitive or error-prone processes
  • Integrating your WMS software with your accounts package as well as your website and eBay shop
  • Using technology to increase picking accuracy
  • Organising your warehouse better to make it quicker and easier to find things
  • Creating custom scripts to get legacy systems to talk to your new WMS

This approach helps you to know exactly what stock you have and where it is, and perhaps more importantly, dispatch more orders.

How do we help existing customers?

Many of our existing customers come back to us as their business grows, and they need additional functionality, have new problems or want to know what else they can integrate or automate.

Perhaps they’re:

  • Dealing with part pallets as well as full pallets and need their Optimser WMS software to help
  • Storing different sized or shaped items and want advice on racking or product locations
  • Moving to a bigger or smaller warehouse, and need it to be as efficient as possible
  • Selling online as well as in store, or in store as well as online
  • Moving to a different courier, ecommerce platform or accounting package

Maybe they want to know:

  • If they can integrate their existing ecommerce platform or should move to a different one
  • Whether they should move their WMS to the ‘cloud’, rather than maintain it themselves
  • How their invoicing process can be better
  • What else Opima can do for them
  • Why a Courier Management System like GFS or Metapack is/n’t right for them

These types of problems and questions are all in a day’s work for the Optima Projects team.

What can you do for me?

If you’re not sure how our WMS consultancy service can help you, why not read our Case Studies, and see how we helped customers like you.

We recently worked with fast-growing online fashion retailer Chi Chi and helped them to achieve:

  • 4,000 orders dispatched in the first 2 days of usage
  • 400% increase in sales in the first month

Earlier in the year we worked with automotive industry supplier AMS, and we:

  • Worked on EDI integration to develop VDA files sent over AS2
  • Improved the decanting and picking process as they use the Just In Time method
  • Tailored the paperwork, labelling and invoicing to meet AMS’s exact needs


We’re very proud of our consultancy work, and how it helps customers like you to get the right system processes and procedures for their business.

Need a WMS software designed and developed to meet your needs instead of having to compromise?

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