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Could an Optima WMS help you meet your 2017 business goals?


Need to be more efficient and effective, whilst reducing costs and increasing revenue? Could an Optima WMS help you achieve your 2017 business goals? 

We talked about 2017 business goals in our previous article, and perhaps you now know what you want to achieve, how you’re going to achieve it, and what you need to do in order to achieve it.

If you realised that you need to implement a Warehouse Management System, or need a better one because it no longer meets your business and customer needs, then we can help you.

As customers are now used to next day delivery thanks to Amazon Prime and even same day delivery from Argos, having to wait several days for a purchase to arrive seems unthinkable to many people now.

Many people are willing to pay more and buy from retailers that offer next day delivery rather than save a little bit of money and have to wait a week.

The large internet and high street retailers certainly have the infrastructure to make picking, packing and posting as quick and streamlined as possible, but other companies can have this same ability too.

Warehouse Management Systems technology makes identifying, locating and picking items quick and easy. Packing them and automatically informing the right courier to collect them, is easier too.

  • A quick delivery time is a sure fire way to impress customers

If you sell your products online across different platforms then you need accurate stock level information. If you sell a product on eBay, the WMS software can automatically update stock levels on Amazon and Shopify, as well as on your main ecommerce site. This provides you with a real time snapshot of your inventory.

By integrating with ecommerce platforms, and couriers, modern Warehouse Management Systems can take all the hassle out of updating stock different sales platforms, or contacting couriers with delivery details.

This means that everything is taken care of, from payment to parcel.

A more efficient warehouse management system ensures that customers, department managers and other stakeholders are kept informed every step of the way.

No matter whether you run a 3PL company, need a better way to manage the raw materials and finished products in your factory, or want to offer same day delivery to your ecommerce customers like Argos and Amazon, the Optima Optimiser WMS software helps you make your warehouse more efficient and effective.

Which goes a long way to helping you meet your 2017 business goals.


If your warehouse is struggling to keep up with customer demand, you want better, more accurate and timely stock levels and reporting, or you need to take on more customers and utilise more of your warehouse space, then why not see how Optima WMS software can help you?

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