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Huge distribution warehouse with high shelves and loaders. Bottom view.

Zuzanna Norek – Autofulfil Testimonial


“In terms of speeding up warehouse productivity [Optimiser] ticks all the boxes.

“The reports available are very helpful and do make a lot of tasks easier. My favourite feature of Optimiser is the bespoke reports and the wide span of information they can provide for chosen parameters.

“As far as improving my own work, the Support team are extremely helpful, resourceful and not only do they provide support, they also provide multiple solutions to the any given problem.

“[There is a] quick response time to even the smallest of problems, the Support Team always answer the phone and are willing to take the time to develop a long term solution rather than a “patch”.

“Overall a good experience. The projects team got involved and ironed out the problems before passing it back to the support team and brought them up to speed with new proceedings. The support team continue to provide exceptional support and problem solving with any reoccurring or new issues.”

Zuzanna Norek – Warehouse / Operations Manager – Autofulfil