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Is your warehouse management system ready for Christmas?


Getting your warehouse management system ready for Christmas is essential.

With Christmas way less than 100 days away, people are already getting organised and ready for Christmas, from booking Christmas parties and writing lists, to ordering or dispatching stock, and actually buying presents.

For many manufacturers, suppliers and retailers the run up to Christmas is their busiest time of the year, and the period where they make the most of their money.  All areas of the business need to be running as efficiently and effectively as possible at this time of year, to reduce costs, generate more sales and increase revenue.

Whilst the majority of media attention around getting ready for Christmas is likely to be on things like Amazon’s warehouses, Royal Mail delivery dates, and which retailer has the best TV advert, companies need to focus on being efficient and effective in receiving and dispatching orders and general warehouse management.

Not all companies store their own stock or have their own warehouse, and so rely on fulfilment centres, ecommerce warehouses, or third party logistics companies to fulfil their customer orders, especially at Christmas.

Any mistakes made by these companies can have serious consequences for clients and their customers.

Busy time

For the companies and warehouses responsible for holding stock, and despatching orders, this busy time can be extremely hard work as the number of orders increases and the amount of time available for each order reduces.

Many warehouses employ new temporary staff at Christmas who need training, and perhaps don’t always have the same keen eye for detail or commitment to customer service as the full time staff.

It’s extremely difficult to ensure all items are accurately picked and despatched to the right place. A simple mistake could mean that stock can’t be found or gets damaged, or that customers don’t get what they ordered where and when they need it.

For warehouses using traditional paper based systems, it can be even harder. Staff are still using pads and pens to identify and find products and orders instead of using barcode scanners.

Processes are manual and time consuming instead of being automated and instant, meaning there is a higher risk of human error.

Why a WMS?

Using a Warehouse Management System (WMS) means that warehouses are far better organised, and that warehouse staff can pick, pack and despatch items much quicker and more accurately than without.

Productivity and accuracy is much higher, leading to faster processing and more satisfied customers.

Using WMS software can even reduce the space required for storage, or the number of warehouse operatives needed. With increased productivity comes the ability to handle more customers and more goods, generating more revenue.


No matter what your business goals are, Optima Warehouse Management Systems can help you be more accurate, more efficient and more effective, reducing costs whilst generating more revenue.

With set up and installation times from just a few weeks, you can be more efficient and effective this Christmas period.

Have you considered WMS for your online business?
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