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What do customers say about their Optima Warehouse Management System?


We don’t really seek out praise, or blow our own trumpet, however when our customers tell us about the difference we’ve made to their business, or what made them choose an Optima Warehouse Management System over other Warehouse Management Systems, we have to listen.

We’ve had a discussion in the office and here are some of the most common reasons we’ve heard over the last 15 years.

In no particular order here’s what our customers say.

1. We understand our customers

Customers tell us that we take the time to understand them and that’s because we enjoy learning about your needs and creating a solution based on your problems.

You know your business far better than we ever will, so instead of pushing a system we think will work, we create one that you know will work.

Our customers tell us that they trust us to implement the features, functionality and facilities they need to run their business better. Some requested features or facilities may at first seem unnecessary, but with greater understanding of your business it becomes clear why these additions are necessary to save time and money in your busy warehouse environment.

Because we’ve helped customers across a wide range of sectors, who manufacturer, store and organize many different types of products, we’re able to make suggestions and recommendations based on our experience from previous projects.

Perhaps we could incorporate elements that work for a global logistics company or high street retailer for your WMS software, whether you sell car parts or manufacture products.

And vice versa – what works for a small ecommerce site could be just as effective for a distribution company.

2. Customisation

Customers tell us that they get the WMS features,  functionality and capability they need from us, mostly due to the fact that we don’t offer a ‘one size fits all’ WMS software solution for warehousing and stock management.

Whilst Optimiser Core is the starting point, we design and develop it to meet your exact needs, no matter how simple or complex they are.

Currently, no two customers have the exact same features, functionality and capability from their Optima WMS software. This is because we know, and they know, their requirements are different.

3. Timescales

Customers tell us that they like our quick timescales,  but we still need to learn about your business, your current systems and limitations, goals and challenges, so we have a good idea of what you need, and how your Optima WMS needs to work.

Our customers are naturally impressed with the minimal disruption to their business during implementation. Depending on your requirements, you could have your new WMS software designed, developed and installed in just a few weeks.

Attention to detail is essential to us, so we prepare as much in advance as we can, so you can concentrate on running your business and meeting the needs of your customers.

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4. Support

Customers tell us they appreciate our after sales support and our team is in house and available during working hours during the design, build and implementation stage.

Our project manager will work alongside your project manager, to keep you informed of everything you need to know about, and that we have all the information we need to do what we do best.

We know that sometimes you want more help with your WMS, whether it’s setting up a custom report, or you’ve moved premises and need help plugging everything back in again. Perhaps you’ve got a new member of staff who wants additional training to help them extract the data they need on a daily basis.

5. Benefits

Customers tell us they are impressed with the benefits of an Optima WMS.

We regularly hear comments about:

  • Increased picking accuracy
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Speeded up invoicing
  • Better business decisions

These improvements can lead to:

  • Reduced waste, damage and delivery times
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased revenue
  • Increased profit

Resulting in business growth.

If you’re in a highly competitive sector, or your target audience has a lot of companies to choose from, then anything that helps you stand out and reduces your operating costs can make a huge difference to your business.

6. Futureproof

Customers tell us that they like the fact that their Optima Warehouse Management System is designed to be futureproof.

As well as ensuring that your WMS meets your current and future needs, under normal circumstances, we ensure things like operating system updates will not stop your WMS from working.

We proactively check the main ecommerce platforms and other systems we work with so we’re aware of any upcoming changes. We then test our core software and additional modules to ensure they still work, and make any necessary changes, well before they are needed.

  • We recently spoke to a warehouse manager who was frustrated because by the time their existing WMS was Windows 10 compatible, the free Windows 10 upgrade period was over, leading to a significant cost to the company to update its computers.
  • When we learnt that the eBay protocol is changing in June 2017, which requires certain types of sellers to make change to their listings and store designs, we immediately started our own investigations and tests.  We’re now working hard to ensure that our ecommerce customers that sell on eBay will still be able to list and sell their products and manage their stock in the summer.

7. Follow up care

Customers tell us they really appreciate our follow up care. and that’s because we pride ourselves on our after sales service as much as our software.

Although many companies say this, we really do. We’re happy to talk to you if you have a problem no matter how big or small, or are not sure of something..

We have heard stories about other WMS suppliers who are not keen on speaking to customers after the system has been implemented, or who perhaps don’t really understand why the problem is urgent or business-critical.

8. Word of mouth recommendations

Customers can’t wait to tell others about their Optima Warehouse Management System and thanks to word of mouth recommendations from existing clients, we’ve recently gained several new customers.

We know that our customers are proud of their Optima warehouse management system, and can’t wait to explain it to their suppliers who then talk to manufacturers, and their warehouse managers talk to logistics companies, and MDs talk to each other at networking events.

We’re always delighted when our customers recommend us, and explain how their Optima WMS overcomes their problems.

It shows how happy they are with our product and service, and the real difference it makes to their business.

9. Flexibility

Customers appreciate our flexibility thatnks to the fact that we understand that your business productivity may have regular busy periods, or be seasonal, which means that you might need to take on more warehouse staff or use several courier companies at times.

Customers tell us that their scalable Optima Warehouse Management System is ideal, as more users and capability can be added as required.

  • Have you won a large contract that means you’ll be storing more goods in your warehouse?
  • Has your product really taken off and you’re now manufacturing at full capacity?
  • Have you suddenly seen increase in customers in your hop?
  • Has your ecommerce site really taken off and you want to ensure you can compete with Amazon Prime next day / same day delivery?

If you need more capability from your Optima Warehouse Management System, you just need to let us know.

10. Friendly and approachable

Customers tell us that we’re friendly and approachable, and understand their business needs.

We love explaining the features and benefits of an Optima warehouse management system to those people that don’t have the first idea about warehouse management systems. They tell us their problems and we offer a solution.

We’re ’re just as happy talking technical with those that know exactly what they want, the limitations of their existing system, and the systems their new Optima WMS needs to integrate with.


Now you know just some of the features and benefits of an Optima Warehouse Management System and what it means for businesses like yours.

Do you want to:

  • Make your warehouse more efficient and effective?
  • Save time and money?
  • Be more productive?
  • Grow your business?
  • Increase revenue?

Why not Contact Us today on +44 (0) 1270 500 777 and tell us what you need from your Optima WMS? We’re looking forward to hearing from you.