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What is the Return On Investment of an Optimiser WMS installation?


One of the questions we get asked a lot is “What is the Return On Investment of Optimiser?”

Because there is a lot to think about when choosing a WMS supplier, it’s an understandable question.

Here’s what we think you should know as you think about the Return On Investment of your WMS.

1. We understand your WMS needs to be good value for money

We’re aware that you’ve got a lot to consider when thinking about the total cost, future savings and potential ROI gains of installing WMS software.

That’s why we understand that it needs to:

  • Meet your current requirements and can support future ones
  • Be flexible and grow alongside your warehouse and operations
  • Be able to take advantage of new technology as it is adopted
  • Fit in with your existing way of working, while offering new benefits and perks
  • Be easy and efficient to use

Optimiser WMS software does all these and more, and with its modular based setup enabling you to pick and choose which features you want, there will be no hidden costs.

2. Improved efficiency

Optimiser WMS software will help to make your warehouse and stock control more efficient, increasing your WMS Return On Investment.

A few of the main contributing factors to this are:

  • Accurate stock control and location history through RF scanners means staff spend less time looking for lost items or looking in empty locations
  • Product Verification when picking makes sure that the right items get to the packing bench and pickup points, reducing returns of incorrect items
  • Automated reports allow you to notify customers of drops in stock and carry out replenishment tasks in the warehouse without needing to search for low stock locations yourself

All these together, along with the support from our helpdesk and our bi-weekly upgrades, will ensure that you are always running a smooth warehousing operation without too much micromanagement in the background.

3. Warehouse organisation

Depending on your business, customers and products, you can customise Optimiser created especially to fit your needs, with your warehouse in mind.

We have several different setups depending on your business, and our most popular are:


  • Pallets In & Pallets Out in the most efficient way possible
  • This has been part of Optimiser WMS from the beginning and you can record as much or as little detail as needed

Pick and Pack

  • Order processing through a range of ecommerce marketplace and courier integrations
  • We support many ecommerce marketplaces and can develop a solution for any we don’t currently support as needed
  • We also link directly with a large number of couriers for consignment booking and collection, all covered through Optimiser WMS

Own Goods

  • We also offer tools to help manage the production and storage of your own goods through our BOM and Kitting features, as well as recording manufacturing and retail costs, delivery point management and Purchase Order generation.

All these tools will reduce the amount of time wasted looking for lost pallets, missing packages and incorrect products being sent out, helping to improve your WMS ROI.

4. Improved communication

Having an automated system will help improve communication with other departments, suppliers and couriers, as well as your customers.

Optimiser WMS software comes with a suite of reports which will help with the following:

  • Automated stock reports that can be sent out on a daily/weekly basis to help target replenishment and stock movement around the warehouse, as well as alert customers to low volumes of stock that need re-ordering
  • Performance reports that can show how many orders have been received, picked, packed and dispatched throughout the day, with KPI figures for staff and products
  • Discrepancy reports that can be sent straight to customers and suppliers highlighting any differences between what was ordered and what was physically handled by the warehouse

5. Information available anywhere

Modern technology means that information has to be available anywhere.

Having a cloud based WMS software means that your team can check stock levels on any internet connected laptop or PC, anywhere.

As well as needing accurate information for reporting requirements, perhaps you routinely:

  • Speak to potential new suppliers and need to know how well competing products are selling
  • Look for new couriers and need to know that they can deliver your monthly orders
  • Need to prove to new customers that you can meet their stock requirements

Having accurate stock levels at your fingertips and order information available anytime, anywhere, could help you to seal the deal.

6. Up to date stock levels across all ecommerce platforms

With a more effective warehouse management system, you can track availability more accurately on all the ecommerce platforms you sell on.

Perhaps you sell on:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Shopify, Magento or Linnworks plugins on your own website

How much better will it be when each platform gets updated when you sell a product?

If you sell something on Amazon, you’ll be updated, and immediately know there’s one less to sell on Shopify, eBay and your website.

How much time and effort could that save your sales team, warehouse staff and customers?

If your website displays live stock levels, then this could be a really effective way of converting more visitors into customers, and eliminating those annoying e,ails that say thre product ordered is out of stock.

7. Everyone’s a winner

If your WMS software makes all areas of your business more efficient, from your sales team to your stock management, then you’ll be more effective too and be able to spend more time:

  • Looking for new customers
  • Following up leads
  • Investing in other areas of the business

You’ll have happier clients, thanks to improved stock management and faster delivery times, leading to more repeat orders and recommendations.

And as you know, more sales =  more turnover  =  more profit!


Now you know what the Return On Investment of an Optima WMS software really is, what’s stopping you?

Why not browse our Case Studies to learn more,  Contact Us now on +44 (0) 1270 500 777 and tell us what you need your Optima WMS to do?