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Huge distribution warehouse with high shelves and loaders. Bottom view.

Active Nutrition (Finland)


A Scandinavian sports nutrition company, Active Nutrition, saw not only a dramatic improvement in its warehouse efficiency but also enhanced customer satisfaction when it implemented a WMS from Optima Warehouse Solutions. Within a matter of weeks picking mistakes were virtually eliminated thus ensuring accurate order fulfilment and next day despatch.

Active Nutrition International Ltd is a specialist Internet retailer of nutritional supplements to body builders and sports people via their websites www.mass.fi (Finland) & www.kostexperten.se (Sweden).

Active Nutrition Website Screenshot

The Project

From warehouses in Finland and Sweden the company ships mainly within Scandinavia but also to a number of countries across Europe. In 2010 with rocketing orders and an urgent need to reduce picking errors it was clear that a computerised stock control system was needed sooner rather than later. Contact was made with Optima and before the end of the year Optimiser WMS went live at their main warehouse in Finland.

Barcode scanning was introduced a month later. After a short learning curve for the warehouse operators picking speed and accuracy was vastly improved. One of the problems had been that with a large number of very similar looking items in every product range the previous method of “picking by eye” using individual customer order sheets was not only time consuming but made the process prone to error.

The new system solved this by producing automated picking lists and enabling the use of hand held scanners to read barcodes. As well efficiency gains in picking and despatch the new warehouse system also greatly improved the accuracy of receipting of the supplies that come in from all over the EU and the USA.

Following the success of the first installation in Finland the Optimiser WMS was rolled out to their warehouse in Sweden for their second web store KostExperten (Nutrition Expert) and this went live in January 2012.

Optimiser is an online solution and so can be accessed securely from anywhere 24 hours per day, providing stock control and management reports remotely for either warehouse at the click of a mouse without the necessity for an in situ IT infrastructure.

“When I searched on Google for warehouse management software I came across Optima and although they are based in the UK their cloud technology meant it didn’t matter.” said Robert Walker, CEO of Active Nutrition International. “Everything was up and running within a short space of time and we have achieved everything we set out to do.

“We are in a competitive market and the WMS from Optima has improved our turnaround times no end. We have six warehouse operators who can all work more productively now, whether scanning, packing or despatching.”


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