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Brand Engineering Ltd. (Cyprus) & Staples International Shipping (UK)


Brand Engineering, based in Cyprus, successfully implemented the Optimiser WMS in conjunction with its UK based logistics partner Staples International Shipping in Q3 2011. Staples is a specialist in freight forwarding to Brand’s main market area in the Middle East – so the two combine to provide a seamless supply service of after-market vehicle components to dealers, wholesalers, and retailers across twenty-three countries.

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The Project

Accurate stock tracking and speedy despatch is always important but when your items include valuable turbochargers for racing and rally cars it is vital. A Warehouse Management System from Optima ensures that Brand Engineering Ltd has achieved maximum efficiency in the control of its range of automotive parts warehoused in the UK.

The Optimiser WMS is hosted remotely and can be accessed over the Internet from anywhere in the world – now Brand’s merchandising personnel in Cyprus can see real-time data as easily as the Staples warehouse staff on the ground in Stockport.

The Optimiser WMS has created efficiencies across the whole stock control system, from the receipt of components that come in to the warehouse from all over the World, to their despatch by air or sea freight to Brand’s customers in the Middle East and North Africa.

The most immediate and measurable gain from the implementation of the Optimiser WMS was in the picking process:

“After the system went live there was a 50% improvement in picking times” says Anna Savina of Brand Engineering. “We expect this to further improve as the Stockport warehousing team get more and more familiar with the software. As well as being quicker this new way is also much more accurate and minimising lost stock has an obvious benefit when you are storing lots of high value items such as our products that include turbo chargers for luxury cars and even engine parts for boats.“

Brand and Staples have also benefited from the easy configuration of the Optimiser WMS software. Working closely with the end users, Optima has delivered a solution tailored for the two companies’ specific needs.

By implementing the Optimiser WMS, both Brand Engineering and Staples International have increased their productivity, reducing the number of time-consuming manual tasks by automating many routing processes and improving the speed and efficiency of their warehousing staff.

Having absolute control over their stock and the power to despatch goods quicker than ever gives Brand Engineering both piece of mind and the room to develop their business. All of this from a globally accessible warehouse management system that is both powerful and easy to use.


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