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Denholm Global Logistics (International)

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UK based Denholm Global Logistics are planning to roll out their leading edge warehouse management system to more of its UK facilities, beginning with Heathrow.

Already successfully installed at it warehouses in Merseyside and Felixstowe, the WMS from Optima has been proven to bring about great improvements in efficiency and accuracy, as well as client satisfaction.

The company is part of the Denholm Group – a worldwide operation spanning multi modal freight and logistics, plus services to oil and fishing industries.

“Optimiser WMS replaced an earlier basic in-house warehouse management system that was unable to cope with the rapid growth in our business” comments Operations Director Paul Reid. “We had just expanded our Newton-le-Willows warehouse in size by 100% and needed a warehouse management system that could scale up easily not only at the time but as our business continues to expand.”

The new Optima WMS was pioneered at Denholm’s Felixstowe operation and was implemented later at the 100,000 square feet Merseyside warehouse. A key facet of the new WMS was the introduction of stock picking using RF scanners to read barcodes. Their use brought about vast improvements in picking accuracy bringing the error rate down below 1%.

The particular RF “guns” were chosen because they have a built in camera and this simple tool has almost eliminated customer damage claims, saving Denholm time, hassle and money. Now each pallet is photographed at picking stage and again at loading, the images are uploaded from the scanners to the computer network where they are stored against the relevant consignment record thus proving that the goods were indeed despatched intact.

A driving force behind the choice of a new WMS was also to improve customer service to existing clients and to use technology to drive new business. Client Portal, an optional module, allows customers to input to and track their orders online giving 24/7 visibility. Optimiser WMS has also created efficiencies in back office functions. Invoices and internal reports can now be produced in a fraction of the time it took before.

The Denholm Group has its foundations as a shipping agent in Scotland in the mid nineteenth century but today is using cutting edge IT systems to drive efficiency and profitability to help it compete in the fast moving world of today’s 3PL business. A Paul Reid summed up: “We invested in a new WMS to not only improve current operations but to make our warehouses future proof and working with the team from Optima has enabled us to do both. We look forward to the next phase of roll out and expansion.”


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