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The Fulfilling Station (UK)

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As its name suggests, The Fulfilling Station in Bristol provides a complete storage and fulfilment service for online and mail order traders. With their motto “we pick, ship and tick all your boxes” the company has gone from strength to strength since it was founded in 2008.

Co-founder Martin Parfrey always knew the advantages of a Warehouse Management System, but unfortunately their initial WMS software proved unworkable, despite initial assurances from the provider.

The system simply could not be configured to meet the needs of their warehouses. Their “solution” soon became a hindrance and was dropped after a very short time, causing considerable expense and disruption.

Once bitten, twice shy Martin drew up an Invitation to Tender and saw numerous demonstrations from WMS suppliers across the whole market.

In the end the decision to choose Optimiser WMS was not simply based on cost or functionality. It was about having confidence in the Optima team and in their ability to deploy a complete solution that would meet not only their immediate needs but future requirements too.

Such flexibility was the key for The Fulfilling Station. For example, the majority of their clients are all involved in e-commerce and the billing method Martin devised isn’t typical of a 3PL, but Optimiser could be configured to work in that way. A further benefit of the system is that it speeded up the invoicing process by 90%.

Optimiser proved to be a cost effective WMS. The Fulfilling Station opted for Optima’s hosted solution, with charges based upon a monthly rental and minimising the need for a costly IT infrastructure. Soon after, investment was made in bar-coding technology to track and trace stock in and out of the warehouses which resulted in vast improvements in accuracy and real return on investment.

With the implementation of the Optimiser Customer Portal that enables end users to access to their own data held within the system The Fulfilling Station has benefited from a tremendous leap forward in customer satisfaction. Their clients can now view all of their stock movements in real time.

To take this a step further the company is now working with Optima on direct e-commerce integration. Their customers will be able to import orders directly from eBay and Amazon thus removing the need for manual input – eliminating human error and greatly reducing time spent in order administration.

Going forward, Martin is currently working with Optima to look at further improving other processes using the power of Optimiser WMS. So, from the off, the team at Optima have always worked closely with the staff at The Fulfilling Station to improve processes along the way. As with any major change there were lessons to be learnt in the early days but Martin has nothing but praise for the Support Team who helped them through:

“They have showed great knowledge and skill when dealing with our questions, some of as a result of our user error, yet they deal with this in a very professional manner. These members of staff represent your company with exemplary skills and it would be great if you would pass on my comments. We are looking forward to the New Year and the new opportunities open to us.”


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