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Huge distribution warehouse with high shelves and loaders. Bottom view.

MDS – Marketing Distribution Services (UK)

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Marketing Distribution Services (MDS) provides marketing logistics support for international tyre manufacturers. The company installed the online version of Optimiser to control their stock and maximise fulfilment efficiency at their secure storage units in Staffordshire.

MDS provides a range of marketing services to the tyre industry – distributing promotional merchandise not only to dealers and fitters but also providing complete event support units at national events such as the British Touring Car Championships, the Boat Show, truck shows and major horse trials.

With most of the ten-strong team engaged in at the sharp end making sure that the right items get to the right place at the right time it made sense to choose a WMS system that would not require any specialist IT personnel or equipment.

The online ‘rental’ version of Optimiser WMS┬áhas proved to be the perfect solution. As soon as the office staff turn on their PCs in the morning the WMS system is ready to go. Although hosted remotely on Optima’s servers they have never had a problem with the system or the Broadband connection and they get the same functionality as if the software had been purchased and installed locally.

The Optimser warehouse management system can record all of the many different storage and packaging types that Marketing Distribution Services uses. This includes controlling the receipt, storage and despatch of everything from whole pallets to individual items packed in jiffy bags or poster tubes.

In addition it can cope with the unusual charging structure whereby a ‘customer’ may be one of several departments within the same tyre company ordering items in common.

This is down to the power of Optimiser’s powerful report functionality: “I particularly like the flexible reporting” says Amanda Davies, Customer Services Supervisor “As well as capturing any information I could possibly need I have set it up to supply me with automated reports at certain timelines so that nothing is left to chance. It even automatically sends an email to suppliers if they send items with no price field so I don’t have to remember to chase them!” Amanda had no background in warehousing prior to joining MDS and has found Optima’s support team invaluable. She continues: “One of the big pluses of using Optima is its very good customer service.”

MDS moved to brand new premises last year and now the plan is to expand the range of services to its customers. They are currently working together with the team at Optima in developing direct order links to the tyre companies thus streamlining the whole order process and greatly improving efficiency for both.


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