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5 ways your business can benefit from using bar code scanners


Many businesses still operate perfectly well using paper based stock control, but moving to a more advanced WMS and bar code scanners can help boost your efficiency, productivity and overall performance.

Warehouse management solutions and bar code scanners aren’t just reserved for huge companies, they can actually play a vital role for your small businesses too. Yes, WMS used to be a tool just for the larger clients, but now even the smaller companies can compete on a level playing field.

Here are 5 reasons why your business could benefit from replacing you existing stock control method with a Warehouse Management System that uses bar code scanners.

1. Easier to update

Using old stock control methods means it’s almost impossible to keep track and stay on top of your orders.

WMS gives you the ability to prioritise the orders you are processing thanks to regular updates while also allowing you to improve your productivity and efficiency, saving valuable time and resources.

2. Lower labour costs

Adopting the services of WMS can see a reduction of up to 30% in labour costs, with employees spending less time using bar code scanners than if they were using the more time consuming and difficult to use paper based stock control.

3. Better for the environment

That paper you’re using has to go somewhere! Using a WMS is more ecological with less paper used and minimal wasted stock.

If you’re still using paper based stock control methods, not only are you spending on paper, but you have the problem of disposing with it once you’ve finished with it.

Yes, you can always recycle, but a good WMS that uses bar code scanners can help to save you money and trees at the same time.

4. Simple stock location

Using the old fashioned way of picking stock can be hard work, not to mention time consuming, as staff attempt to find what they are looking for in large warehouses often with hundreds of items to look through.

WMS not only creates a pre-receipt, it also assigns automatic stock location, while also confirming put-away, which also helps with efficient stock location.

5. Produce accurate reports

It’s not impossible to produce accurate reports using paper based stock control, but it sure is more difficult.

When it comes to creating powerful and flexible reporting, which can easily be configured to suit the way you work then WMS is much more effective.

Your WMS can create a variety of standard reports such as purchase history, audits, receipt and dispatch reports, not to mention accurate and efficient maintenance functions for adjusting and transferring stock.


If you need new WMS software, want a better of way of dispatching orders, or are interested in how to make your warehouse more efficient, then why not see how we can help?

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