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WMS Benefits for Third Party Logistics

WMS Benefits for Third Party Logistics

Optimiser WMS software makes 3PL companies ultimately more profitable. Stock visibility means quicker and faster processing of clients’ goods. Also, greater accuracy and efficiency improves customer satisfaction.

Maintaining excellent communications with customers and end delivery points can be time consuming, but with Optimiser WMS software this process is made simple.

Optimiser Workflow provides a powerful platform for sending and receiving information to or from external sources (such as websites, accounts packages etc).

It also provides automatic email communications to both the warehouses’ clients and the end delivery point customer.

Additionally, the Customer Portal module enables clients to have a virtual WMS of their own – allowing them to view stock, create orders, enter pre receipts and produce reports from any PC worldwide.

Here’s what else Optimiser WMS does for 3PL Logistics:

  • Automatically keeps your customers informed each step of the way
  • Better client satisfaction with automatic notification of despatch/delivery information
  • Location management can be set to the way you work e.g. by client
  • Reporting can reflect KPIs set by clients
  • Automatic courier integration means accurate manifests & despatch information
  • Invoicing designed for 3PLs to capture R, H & D charging rates
  • Paperless warehouse means quicker stocktaking
  • Better staff productivity brings down overheads

What to do next

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