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Hosted or Installed WMS?


Currently around 90% of Optima customers choose our hosted WMS option, enabling them to focus on the day-to-day running for their business like despatching orders and meeting customer needs rather than worrying about server performance, backing-up software or scheduling updates.

Rather than WMS software being installed on a customer’s site, similar to traditional computer software, and managed by the customer themselves, a hosted solution is hosted by us, meaning we manage everything from the WMS server and security, to backups and updates.

And it’s not just big business that opt for a hosted option, many small and medium-size companies find it fits their requirements and allows them to get on which running their business while we do all the hard work.


The biggest benefit for those thinking about a hosted or installed WMS software is the reduced upfront costs for the hosted WMS software  Customers can rent licences and run the software on remote servers; meaning they don’t need a dedicated server or the support that comes with it.

Also, a hosted system doesn’t require additional IT equipment or staff, and because we host it on our servers, we can implement new WMS software very quickly. Depending on requirements, customers could have their new Optima WMS software in just a few weeks.

Customers can also instantly access information like stock levels or the number of orders despatched, using just an internet connection. This is also ideal for businesses who regularly need to visit customers, suppliers or couriers, or so warehouse staff can update Management.


Functionality, reliability and flexibility are much more important than simply trying to save money so it’s worth remembering that not everything is based around cost or a one-off payment.

An installed system could cost up to £5,000 purely for the server and related software not to mention £20,000-£40,000 per year for staff to manage it, as well as more electricity for running the server and the UPS, not to mention the cost of the WMS software itself.

The cost is not always apparent when deciding between a hosted or installed WMS.


Optima launched the first hosted Warehouse Management System in 2005, and now almost every WMS company has a hosted option with all of our customers opting for a hosted solution over the past three years; meaning, due to the reasons explained here.

Understandably, we firmly believe the future lies in hosted Warehouse Management Software.


Now you know some of the differences between a hosted or installed WMS software, why not Contact Us us on 01270 500777 today and tell us what you need from your WMS software and how we can help you?

We’re looking forward to helping your business be more efficient, send out more orders and increase sales.