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Warehouse with many products on shelves

Optima celebrate 10 years of Software as a Service solution


10th Anniversary

Back in 2005 we were the first WMS supplier to release this innovative software as a service, giving customers all the power of a leading warehouse management system without the need for expensive hardware or IT expertise.

The option to enable clients to access our WMS software on a monthly basis through our Optimiser online hosted Software as a Service solution has been a huge success and provided many of our clients with a reliable and up-to-date software option that is easy to use and less expensive than many other WMS alternatives.

The software as a service solution reduces upfront costs while also offering our customers the flexibility to cope with changes in demand, such as seasonal fluctuations.

“Optimizer is a great solution for small businesses,” says Co-Director Neil Bennett.

“The system is fully managed by us, meaning it’s ideal for smaller to medium companies, or larger companies that don’t want to make a major capital investment.

“And what’s more the software is accessible from any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with Internet access.”