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Autofulfil and Optimiser – 6 Months Update


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Even though we’ve only just found the time to create the Autofulfil Case Study, they’ve been using Optimiser for around 6 months now.

We thought we’d catch up with Zuzanna Norek, Warehouse / Operations Manager at Autofulfil and see how they’re getting on.

Hi Zuzanna, how are you getting on with Optimiser now?

“Hi, we are fully integrated with Optima for 6 months now and things [have] calmed down. We no longer contact your support team every day, every hour! By the way, good job on hiring the most patient people I’ve ever dealt with!

Our Support team enjoyed answering all of your queries and helping you out, to give you what you needed when you needed it.

What do you think about Optimiser?

I personally love Optimiser as a product and the whole support/project team.

What did you think about the overall experience of working with Optima?

The overall experience was both scary and exciting. We didn’t really know what to expect as our previous WMS was built in house by one of the staff members so we’ve never seen a WMS that was generic.

Understandably, especially coming from an in-house WMS, you had some concerns initially, didn’t you?

We were afraid that many features were not going to be available in Optimiser and they weren’t really. But if I was about to name one thing that Optima impressed me with, is that you are very flexible.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to customise Optimiser to meet customer needs.

As you know, we kept sending requests for smaller developments like reports, additional features, changes to layout etc. and your team dealt with them.

We of course expected issues but Optimiser is much better that we originally assumed so those few problems were really meaningless comparing to the overall experience.

Do you have a favourite feature?

My favourite feature of Optimiser is the bespoke reports and the wide span of information they can provide for chosen parameters.

We’re glad things are going well, and we hope to speak to you soon.


If Zuzanna and Autofulfil’s experience has made you think that it’s time to change your WMS software, we’d love to hear from you.

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