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Huge distribution warehouse with high shelves and loaders. Bottom view.

The Incontinence Shop moves to new warehouse facility


Incontinence Shop Warehouse

A client of Optima WS has recently moved to brand new premises; almost doubling the size of its warehouse facility after a surge in business.

The Incontinence Shop, based in Bolton, left their 10,000 square foot property and is now occupying a 19,000 square foot building just a stone’s throw away from their previous location.

The Incontinence Shop was recently chosen as one of only a handful of UK businesses to take-part in a nationwide trial for Amazon’s Prime service and have subsequently seen a spike in sales, another factor in the company relocating.

They provide products to retail and trade customers throughout the country, and while those nearby have the option of collecting items from their warehouse, many people rely on their mail order service for prompt, reliable and discreet delivery.

The firm began from very humble beginnings, originally trading from a small retail unit, before moving to bigger premises and as the business has grown, the company has relied on warehouse management software (WMS) software to keep track of a huge number of orders, while also monitoring stock levels and liaising with different courier companies.

“When we were smaller, we all knew where all our stock was, how much we had, what we needed and could keep stock levels on our listings and websites up to date,” explains Adam Watts, IT Director at the Incontinence Shop.

“But as we grew we needed a system to keep track of what we have and to automatically update our different platforms with the correct stock levels.”

The Incontinence Shop required tailor made WMS software that enables them to carry out day-to-day tasks while providing flexibility as the needs and requirements of the business evolve.

Incontinence Shop Warehouse

The new warehouse and packaging facility was recently fully refurbished having been unoccupied for a number of years and is now fully equipped to deal with the huge number of orders which are placed daily, allowing the team to pick, pack and despatch more quickly and more efficiently than before

Talking of the recent move MD of The Incontinence Shop Chris Dubberley said: “There’s no doubt that, as well as being more spacious for our team to work in, the new warehouse has also increased our productivity as we now have more room to store stock and manage orders more efficiently.”

As for the WMS that they rely on to handle orders and manage stock Mr Dubberly believes this is still more than capable, despite the move. “The WMS that was installed by Optima is still more than sufficient and very effective, a few small adjustments were needed but it remains a very powerful solution for The Incontinence Shop,” he said.


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