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Amazon Prime Day 2017

Could Amazon Prime Day 2017 be the biggest yet? July 11th sees the third Amazon Prime Day, where keen bargain hunters will be scouring the whole site to see what offers are on across the wide range of departments. So no matter what you’re looking for, from car accessories to children’s toys, TVs to trainers,… Read more »

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Can your warehouse staff be more efficient?

We talk about making your warehouse more efficient and effective, and obviously promote the benefits of Optimiser WMS, but can your warehouse staff be more efficient as well? Here are some of the things we advise when visiting clients and trying to help them work smarter. 1. Make the most popular products easily available Depending… Read more »



AMS Work Miles Faster Thanks to Optima WMS

Following on from our recent AMS case study, we caught up with Adam at automotive industry supplier AMS and asked him how he and the rest of the team are getting on with their new Optima warehouse management system. We also asked him what made him choose Optimiser, and some of the benefits they have seen… Read more »

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10 Tips to Improve Productivity in your Warehouse

The people we speak to regularly know a thing or two about warehouse productivity, management, and efficiency. Here’s some of what what we’ve learnt. We’ve learnt a lot about how companies organise and store their products over the last 15 years, so here are our 10 tips to improve your warehouse productivity. 1. WMS We… Read more »

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What do customers say about their Optima Warehouse Management System?

We don’t really seek out praise, or blow our own trumpet, however when our customers tell us about the difference we’ve made to their business, or what made them choose an Optima Warehouse Management System over other Warehouse Management Systems, we have to listen. We’ve had a discussion in the office and here are some of… Read more »

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Optima Featured in Factory Equipment Magazine

We were delighted to be featured in the recent edition of Factory Equipment Magazine, which covers all sorts of factory equipment, from Boilers and HVAC, to Recycling and Tools. As it’s a popular and influential magazine with an interested and knowledgeable readership, we wanted to talk about the Optima Optimiser WMS, what sets us apart… Read more »

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Optima 2016 Review

As part of creating the Optima 2017 business plan we looked at how well we did in 2016. Optima Goals for 2016: Optima had several goals in 2016, notably: Improving quality and reliability Expanding functionality Increasing customer base So, how did we do? Improving quality and reliability One of the things that sets Optima WMS… Read more »