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Huge distribution warehouse with high shelves and loaders. Bottom view.

Optima install state-of-the-art WMS for Seabrook Crisps


Three Seabrook Crisp Packets

Optima WS have installed a new state-of-the-art WMS for one of the country’s biggest suppliers of crisps at their new warehouse and storage facility based in Yorkshire.

Seabrook Crisps date back to 1945 and created the country’s first crinkle-cut crisp in 1950 and still remain a family owned and run business.

Supplying High Street retailers throughout the country, the company once outsourced their storage and distribution needs, but required a new warehouse and storage facility to enable smooth picking and packing and easier distribution to smaller outlets.

Due to factors like stock rotation, batch codes and best before dates, Seabrook needed a fully integrated WMS that was time sensitive.

This was designed and installed in less than two months and Optima were able to reconfigure their successful Optimiser platform especially for this project well within the time frame required.

The software controls the inbound, outbound and storage of all raw materials and finished goods through the Bradford site and uses a Toyota Radio Shuttle semi-automated system, while the barcode scanning software and simplified operating system all add to its ease-of-use.

Daniel Woodwards, Chief Operating Officer at Seabrook Crisps said: “Within the fast moving FMCG environment we needed something that was quick to implement, intuitive and scalable.”

“The software provides an intuitive interface and handles the basics well. It is also backed by a team who can resolve queries quickly and easily. It also future proofs our internal warehousing and logistics operations, safe in the knowledge the system can accommodate wherever we choose to go.

“The system provides confidence that our 400% increase in pallet space and step up in terms of complexity is in safe hands. We are now developing reporting systems aligned to an overarching operational dashboard and it is Optima’s inbuilt flexibility that makes this possible.”

Optima Director Chis Roberts in the Optima Office

Speaking about working on such a complex project and to such a strict timescale Chris Roberts (above), Co-Founder of Optima Warehouse Solutions, said: “Seabrook crisps gave Optima the opportunity to tackle a completely unique set of challenges; to accommodate a well-established customer and fit in with their existing processes, whilst increasing efficiency and output using bespoke software solutions.

“The key to the success of this project was the ability to deliver the solution to tight timescales, on time and we also had to take into account their bespoke storage and picking rules, but we continuously make customers’ requirements our top priority and are well used to inventing solutions to meet their needs.

“This project was no different, and after some development work and out-of-the-box thinking we were able to deliver a solution on time.”

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