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PGS Logistics deliver on time, every time, thanks to Optima


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PGS Global Logistics have been in business for over 25 years and in that time have prided themselves in offering the same values and attention to detail as they did a quarter of a century ago.

But as the business has grown PGS Global Logistics found they needed WMS software which allowed them to maintain a punctual, efficient service, while still offering a personal touch that is only normally associated with a small family run business.

This became more relevant after they secured a new contract with clothing giant TK Maxx, which meant the business needed to store much more information about each line of stock, something which their existing WMS was not able to do – and this is where Optima WS were able to help.

The Staffordshire based Warehouse Management Solutions specialists were required to provide a specific WMS that would aid their large logistics organisation which now consists of 65 vehicles, 150 members of staff, not to mention a recently opened second warehouse facility.

Having built their reputation on a strong relationship with customers and delivering on-time, every time, PGS required a WMS software that was tailored to their exact needs and would not restrict them when it came to performance and functionality.  So, after thorough consultation, Optima WS were able to produce software based around their hugely successful Optimiser Core WMS in order to provide a solution for PGS that was not only easy to use; but also enabled the team to implement quickly, easily and most importantly, effectively.

PGS Logistics Lorry On The Road

The WMS software designed by Optima is now used by PGS to collect and record a wide range of customer product data and by using multiple Reference and Batch fields – that are on a specific customer by customer basis – they can also record information such as; individual LPNs, weights, suppliers, vendors, serial numbers, expiry dates and rotation numbers.

Once this data is recorded, the information can then be used to pick tailored orders based on the customer’s individual needs.  Unique serial numbers are specified and by using a range of pallet numbers in a rotation, anything up to a certain Best Before Date can be identified, prioritised and sent to the warehouse staff for picking at the correct time.

This means that when goods are arriving or leaving the warehouse, the workflow module allows real time information to be sent to customers in a number of formats such as PDF, CSV, XML or bespoke import/export files, which can then be integrated with their existing systems, allowing orders, receipts and confirmation of despatch and delivery documents to all be sent to a wide range of end points.

Optimiser WMS’s suite of reporting software is then used to re-create customer despatch paperwork where company logos, terms & conditions, contact details and corporate images can all be recreated to match any existing paperwork.

PGS Logistics Lorry

Curtis Bridge was the Co-ordinator on this extremely complex project and explains how the company rose to the challenge:

“Due to PGS’s commitments to their customers and meeting so many varied storage and logistical needs, there was a lot for us to overcome. It’s been one of our more complex implementations but everyone can now see the benefits in place.”

Thanks to this specially designed WMS software, PGS Global Logistics are now able to track orders from the start of their journey right through to their end destination while also prioritising deliveries, confirming despatches and providing all the necessary documentation to clients, allowing the company to continue providing a reliable and efficient service to their customers.

PGS take great pride in what they do, refusing to accept second best in the world of logistics and thanks to a personally tailored WMS software designed and implemented by Optima, this is something that won’t be changing anytime soon.

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