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Huge distribution warehouse with high shelves and loaders. Bottom view.

The Many Roles in a Warehouse


In recent years the distribution and fulfilment sector has seen a huge increase in demand due to the rise of online shopping. For this reason, warehouse workers are highly sought after to ensure orders can be picked, packed and sent to the customer quickly and efficiently.

With high demand and pay on the rise, warehouse work is an appealing job opportunity for many but what is the right role for you? If you’re looking for your next job or just curious to see what else is out there, keep reading.

Here are five roles in a warehouse, and the responsibilities they entail.

5 roles in a warehouse

Warehouse manager

Overseeing all daily operations, the warehouse manager is usually an experienced warehouse worker who is responsible for the safety, efficiency and productivity within a warehouse.

Conducting warehouse operations from equipment checks and maintenance to managing inventory and dispatching goods, the warehouse manager must be a versatile worker who believes no job is too big or too small.

Previous experience managing and supervising a team will also be beneficial if you are applying for a warehouse manager role as you will be the first port of call for many other warehouse workers.

Warehouse clerk

A warehouse clerk is responsible for communicating and liaising with customers and internal warehouse staff to ensure orders are recorded, processed and delivered promptly. In some cases, warehouse clerks will also be required to pick, pack and ship the orders to customers.

To be successful in this role you should have a good level of physical fitness, excellent communication and organisational skills, and exemplary customer service.

General labourer

Ideal for somebody with a varied skill set or experience with warehouse operative duties, a general labourer has a diverse range of responsibilities within the warehouse. Being one of the most varied roles within a warehouse, general labourers require great attention to detail, organisational skills and flexibility.

Warehouse responsibilities can range from janitorial and cleaning tasks to organising stock and boxes., and supporting other areas of the warehouse when they need it.

Forklift operator

To be a forklift operator you will require forklift training and a license. If you already possess a forklift license you can directly apply for a forklift driver position, but some warehouses may support you through your training if you are already employed in another role. If this role is something you’re interested in, talk to your current warehouse supervisor or manager to see about the possibility of getting your forklift license.

The main role of a forklift operator is to transport inventory around the warehouse. This requires the forklift driver to operate the machine safely, retrieve stock from the warehouse, and unload cargo to be stored in the warehouse.

Having a safety-first mindset and outstanding communication skills can be beneficial as a forklift operator.

Shipping and receiving associate

The main responsibility of a shipping and receiving associate (and all roles in a warehouse) is to ensure stock has been correctly received, processed and shipped. This role requires great teamwork, brilliant customer service and an understanding of data entry and input.

Shipping and receiving associates can expect to be responsible for documenting shipments, working with external suppliers, tracking orders and data collection. Experienced shipping and receiving associates may also be required to manage inventory levels, monitor quality control and place orders.

To find out more about warehouse operations and how they can support your business, get in touch today!