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Huge distribution warehouse with high shelves and loaders. Bottom view.

What is warehouse optimisation?


Warehouse optimisation is the process of improving efficiency and accuracy through automation and planning of warehouse operations.

Here, we discuss its many benefits and how this invaluable process will improve your customer’s satisfaction and warehouse operations.

2020 has taught us that life can be unpredictable and at times, completely out of our control. The warehouse industry has been no stranger to the impact of COVID-19, with unreliable order patterns, delivery routines and staff rotas to contend with.

But among all the uncertainty, what is essential for the smooth running of a warehouse is effective and well-supported warehouse optimisation.

Warehouse optimisation explained

The warehouse industry is regularly presented with challenges, and there can be nothing more overwhelming than being faced with rows of products without the inventory and infrastructure in place to get these out to customers.

One mistake can impact significantly on customer satisfaction, company reputation and your revenue and bottom line.  

These concerns will be mitigated using an effective warehouse optimisation plan. Warehouse optimisation is the process of improving efficiency and accuracy through automation and planning of warehouse operations. Effective warehouse optimisation leads to an enhanced customer experience, satisfaction and improves operatives’ day-to-day duties and morale.

Why should you optimise your warehouse?

It is essential that warehouses, no matter the size, work in an agile way to stay ahead of the competition and provide excellent customer satisfaction.

A robust warehouse optimisation process is crucial to the efficient operation of warehouses of all sizes. This process will include:

  • Automation
  • How to make time efficiencies
  • Effective space-saving
  • How to reduce resources
  • Reducing errors
  • Improving flexibility and customer satisfaction
  • Communication
  • Warehouse flow
  • Project management
  • Retrieval systems
  • Storage

Warehouse optimisation: The benefits

Addressing your back-end warehouse logistics with a robust and reliable warehouse optimisation process delivers countless benefits, including:

  • Better planning and forecasting – replenish stock in a timely manner and keep on top of forecasting. Warehouse optimisation enables you to use the data on-hand to plan, allocate resources and ensure you never run out of stock, or hold too much.
  • Customer retention – retain your customers by delivering efficiently, on time and by giving your customer base the items they need. This will lead to improved customer satisfaction, retention and repeat business.
  • Workforce and business morale – improved organisational processes will have a knock-on increase in staff productivity. This will not only boost workforce morale but also reduce company expenditure on potential overtime during business spikes.
  • Quicker processing times – a robust and reliable optimisation system will lead to better operational flow, more effective planning and inventory procedures, safer and more effective working environments and faster packing processes.
  • Safety – ensure the design and layout of your warehouse is safe and secure, and time is saved through efficient storage options (e.g. saving travel time by placing items on lower shelves).
  • Reduces human error – using warehousing software minimises human error, saving time and driving down costs.

Transform your warehouse operations today  

At Optima Warehouse Solutions we pride ourselves on providing high quality but cost-effective warehouse management software (WMS) systems to the warehouse industry and logistics companies.

Contact us to discover how our WMS systems can transform your operations today.