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5 Optimiser WMS features you’re not using


Could these useful Optimiser WMS features make your warehouse and operatives much more efficient and effective?

If you’re new to Optimiser WMS software, then you’re probably still learning the main Optimiser WMS features, and understanding how Optimiser helps make your warehouse and your staff more efficient and effective.

Even if you’re an experienced Optimser WMS software user, there’s still a lot you can learn so that you can work smarter, not harder.

Here are our top 5 useful Optimiser WMS software features you’re probably not using yet.

1. Scanner PI Checks

In our experience, we know that warehouse stock checks are often avoided or put off, because operations for the locations in question need to be halted to accurately check stock levels.

A great alternative to this is using Scanner PI (perpetual inventory) checks.

Optimiser WMS features help you because:

  • Operators can check several locations a day without interrupting operations

Scanner PI checks are frequent, single-location checks that quickly highlight problem areas for correction later.

This can be done via a full stock check or just ad-hoc adjustments.

How much will scanner PI checks improve your stock accuracy?

2. Scanner Reports

Usually information is fed to scanner operators as required, meaning they are tied to the office, but Optimiser’s scanner reporting module gives operators more autonomy.

Optimiser WMS features help you because:

  • Operators can look-up information they may need in useful small-screen-formatted reports.

For example, scanner reports can help operators to:

  • Find stock by product code
  • See which pick locations need replenishing
  • Look up which despatches need to be sent today
  • And much more

These scanner reports are also customisable, so you and your scanner operators have the information you need, where and when you need it.

How much more efficient and effective will your scanner operators be with scanner reports?

3. Scanner Sundry Charges

Optimiser has always had the ability to add sundry charges to receipts, despatches and other processes, and there is an “RF Sundry” module available on handheld scanners.

Optimiser WMS features help you because:

  • Warehouse operators can now easily add charges as they are incurred

For example, if goods need re-palletising, simply:

  • Open “RF Sundry”
  • Select the re-palletising charge
  • Enter how many pallets have been used

This is now much quicker because warehouse operators no longer need to tell an administrator and manually record any incurred charges.

How much time will you save now that scanner operators can easily add incurred charges?

4. Online Reporting

Reports can be accessed through Optimiser and exported to customers in various ways.

We know that giving your customers access to reports is useful, to enable them to run, print and export their own reports.

Optimiser WMS features help you because:

  • Optima offers a hosted website where customers and other internal staff can access controlled sets of reports from anywhere

Because you can give report access to an unlimited number of user, whoever needs a report can have have one.

How much time will that save when your customers, or their customers, want to know something?

5. Automated Emails

Optimiser’s Workflow module can send emails on a variety of triggers or schedules, and many of our clients use this to notify customers of stock movements or send daily reports.

Optimiser WMS features help you because:

  • Workflow can also send public-facing, richly formatted emails to buyer email addresses

This can be used to:

  • Send shipping notifications
  • Provide tracking details
  • Request feedback

All with the customer’s own branding.

This is a great extra level of service to offer existing and prospective customers.

How impressed will buyers be with a branded email?


If you didn’t know that Optimiser WMS features could do all these things to make your warehouse more efficient and effective and your life easier, then we’re glad to have helped.

However, if your existing warehouse management software doesn’t have these WMS features, and you need them, or you want to know more about the Optional Optimider WMS Modules, then why not Contact Us on 01270 500777 now?

Tell us what you need your new Optimiser WMS software to do?

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