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WMS for Co-Packers

Co-packers and fulfilment houses need warehouse management systems that can accurately and efficiently track for every individual stock component arriving at the warehouse as well as every finished item dispatched.

To keep pace with the throughput and the high expectations of your clients you need a Co-Packer WMS that is geared up to this kind of operation.

With specialised functionality such as barcoding reading and BOM (Bill of Materials) Optimiser WMS is already proven in co-packing operations across the UK and Europe.

It can transform your efficiency and improve your bottom line, as well as delighting your clients with real time reporting and superior levels of accuracy.

Optimiser WMS Software – the Perfect Solution for Co-Packing and Fulfilment

Optimiser WMS software is easy to use and speedy to implement, you could be up and running in just a few weeks.

The online SaaS WMS solution means low upfront costs for co-packers, and little or no IT hardware investment. The data is securely backed up too giving you peace of mind. If you have an existing server based infrastructure already in place the software can be installed on site giving you total control.

Here are some of the advantages of Optimiser Co Packers WMS software:

  • The system can be tailored to your current needs, and if your needs change we can change with you
  • Low cost of deployment – online/SaaS option means rented not purchased
  • Your clients can see their stock levels and dispatch information in real time
  • Allows complete batch code and product traceability so suitable for food items
  • BOM (Bill of Material) module can create a “recipe” for making up products
  • Allows part dispatch of large orders
  • Integration with clients’ order systems makes seamless process from order to fulfilment

Our warehouse management software allows your co-packing or fulfilment warehouse to run efficiently, giving you complete control and visibility of all stock in real time.

Read more about how our clients makes their business run smoothly and be more profitable with Optimiser WMS software.

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