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Environmental Statement

Environmental Statement

At Optima we are committed to the ongoing development of our environmental policy.

Our company already has sound environmental credentials and there the two aspects to this:

  • The environmental impact of our products


  • Our business itself

1. Environmental Benefits for Organisations Using the Optimiser WMS Software

Optimiser WMS (Warehouse Management System) is inherently “green” in that it improves efficiency and cuts down on waste in a warehouse.

Specifically, the use of our software has the following benefits to the environment:

  • Electronic capture of product and location data means no paper is required for spreadsheets, stock reports, delivery reports etc
  • Paper saving as a result of and direct electronic interchange and e-invoicing with courier and transport companies
  • Interfacing our software with truck mounted mobile barcode scanning devices means that the warehouse FLT driver/picker is directed to stock locations in the most efficient order thus saving energy
  • In the case of warehouses using the online Optimiser the software is hosted securely on our servers thus requiring a minimal amount of IT equipment by the user. Typically only one standard PC and printer are necessary. This saves energy in both the production and running of computer hardware and minimises electronic waste
  • In the case of 3PL operators the automatic email exchange of receipt and delivery information between them and their customers means no paper or postage stationery is required

2. Optima’s Operation

Optima is committed to the prevention of waste and pollution.

As well as complying with the relevant environmental legislation we seek to continually improve our environmental performance and to foster a culture of environmental awareness amongst management and staff.

Most data storage and communication is electronic thus a minimal amount of paper is used by our team.

Where it is necessary to print we use both sides of the paper and almost all paper waste is sent to the recycling facility situated outside our office block provided by our office landlords.

  • Wherever possible we will use renewable or recyclable materials and components
  • All cardboard packaging received with hardware orders is recycled using Council facilities
  • Printer toners and cartridges are all sent for recycling after use to the originating supplier
  • Our main office is situated in a serviced office block and thus we share heat, hot water, lighting and other services with a number of other companies therefore using less energy than a stand-alone office
  • All of our staff have the facility to access the office IT systems from home – minimising car journeys when appropriate for example starting or the finishing the day at the home office when attending client sites