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Huge distribution warehouse with high shelves and loaders. Bottom view.

5 Ways to Improve Dispatch Efficiency


Good dispatch efficiency plays a crucial role in providing excellent service to the end customer and is a simple way to stay ahead of your competition.

By improving your business’s dispatch efficiency, you have the potential to boost profitability, company growth, and overall accuracy.

But how can a warehouse improve its efficiency when it comes to distribution? In this article, we explain the top five ways that you can improve your warehouse dispatch efficiency.

To find out more about how to improve dispatch efficiency and the adverse impact of slow or incorrect dispatch, keep reading.

1. Use and optimise technology

By adopting and optimising the use of new technology, your business can benefit from boosted productivity, efficiency, and a smoother workflow.

Using advanced technology allows you to give customers the accurate real-time status of their order, save a significant amount of time carrying out ad-hoc tasks and reduce the chance of human error.

A slow internal dispatch process causes customers to become unsatisfied with waiting times and may even lead them to purchase from a competitor.

By speeding up the process with automated advancements you fulfil services to customers at a timely speed and give your brand a significant advantage over the competition.

2. Clear communication

One of the most crucial factors for an efficient distribution process is having clear and professional communication with workers and customers.

Choosing an effective communication platform for different teams within the distribution warehouse to communicate via should be a priority for smooth workflow and improved dispatch efficiency.

Field workers and dispatchers must be able to easily connect to share information updates and new task alerts using one simple, clear platform in real-time to improve distribution times.

3. Encourage teamwork

Field workers and dispatchers also depend on each other for success. Both roles must be allowed the tools and platform to work seamlessly as a team to improve dispatch efficiency within the business.

Investing and understanding the responsibilities of each role and how they can be supported by each other, helps to strengthen connections and ultimately improve workplace productivity and efficiency.

A harmonious relationship between field workers and dispatchers makes it easier to implement efficient distribution strategies which help to improve dispatch times.

4. Managing inventory

Ensuring that your inventory is managed effectively will reflect accurate stats and data regarding your stock levels.

Natural human error or slow updates can delay your dispatch speeds and cause significant challenges.

Using an integrated inventory management system that is updated automatically would allow your business to accurately track scheduling, route planning and inventory levels in real-time.

Giving field workers updated tools and equipment to fulfil their duties is essential to improving your overall dispatch efficiency.

5. Use warehouse management system software

Optima Warehouse Management System software allows you to increase efficiency, drive down costs and ensure that goods are dispatched accurately and on time using smart technology installed on your servers or deployed by ‘the Cloud’.

Optima WMS allows your business to become more efficient by using automated technology to monitor inventory and control stock levels, adding barcode readers to achieve 100 per cent picking accuracy and effective processing times, and providing transparent updates to customers.

This is one platform that can integrate with other software, courier and eCommerce platforms for a new efficient business plan.

By implementing Optima Warehouse Management System software, you are opening your business to quicker processing times, increased productivity and better customer service.

For more information about Optima Warehouse Management systems, get in touch today to discuss how it could benefit you!