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Why Choose Shopify?



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Discover why Optima have integrated with Shopify to enhance their WMS.

We mentioned recently that we’ve integrated the Opitma WMS with Shopify. This adds another ecommerce platform to our WMS alongside Amazon, eBbay, and Magento, as well as other ecommerce platforms, and gives online retailers another reason to choose Shopify.

So why did we choose Shopify next?

The answer is simple. One of our existing warehousing clients asked us to!

They learnt that several of their customers use Shopify, and so they wanted to know if we could integrate with Shopify, to help speed up their order picking, packing and posting.

Integrating with Shopify means that if a customer sells an item on their Shopify site, their Amazon and eBay sites will automatically update with the stock levels, and vice versa, and the retailer will be notified of the sale via email.

Rather than having to manually update stock levels, or keep paper based records, the WMS software does everything for them.

For customers, it means that they can accurately see the number of orders, sales and stock levels, and warehouses now know exactly how much stock is available, and how much is needed for each sales channel.

For retailers

If you’re already running a successful store on Amazon and eBay, then you already know there is a demand for your products, and that people are buying from you.

The next logical step for you is to have your own ecommerce site instead of paying a percentage of your sales to Amazon and eBay, but perhaps you’re not ready to make the necessary investment to have your own bespoke ecommerce site.

This is where Shopify comes in.

Here’s some of what we’ve learnt about this ecommerce platform, and why so many people choose Shopify.

Why choose Shopify?

Image of Shopify homepage screenshot

Shopify is easy to set up and manage, and designed to sell your products.

Shopify makes it as easy to sell online on your own site, as it is on Amazon or eBay.  It gives you your own powerful, secure and effective ecommerce site without major investment.

Trusted by over 300,000 online stores worldwide, Shopify stores sell anything and everything, including:

  • Bespoke hand made products
  • Band merchandise
  • Clothing
  • Home accessories
  • And much more

It’s not hard to see why it is the ecommerce platform of choice for many businesses, both large and small.

Features and benefits

There are many features and benefits of Shopify, and we’ve chosen some of our favourites.

Your shop, your way

Your Shopify ecommerce site can be made the way you want it, and you can:

  • Use your own domain
  • Sell unlimited products and inventory
  • Write blog posts, guides, reviews, news, testimonials and much more to help your customers

Designed to sell

Your new ecommerce website will:

  • Showcase products
  • Make it easy for visitors to find what they want
  • Work on all devices including phones and tablets

Sell anywhere anytime

Not being in front of a computer needn’t stop you from selling. You can sell via:

  • Facebook Shop
  • Facebook Messenger
  • POS – ideal for pop-up shops or events using the optional card reader
  • Adding a buy button to any website in seconds

Simple to set up

Understanding that not everyone who wants to sell online is web designer or developer, Shopify is simple to set up, thanks to:

  • Over 100 templates plus ability to use HTML and CSS to customise
  • Over 70 accepted payment methods from around the world


Shopify know that customers and retailers are rightly worried about customer data and security, so your ecommerce website will:

Management and Analytics

In order for your online shop to be a success, you’ll need to know how it’s performing.  Shopify enables you to do things like:

  • Discover how visitors find your site
  • Find out what visitors do on your site
  • See which product are/n’t selling
  • Segment customers based on location, purchase history and more
  • Create offers based on your customer segmentation

Grow your business

These features, combined with the low monthly fee, make Shopify a compelling ecommerce platform for many budding online retailers to grow their business.

For warehouses

If you’re a 3PL  or ecommerce warehouse  that works with many customers, then you’ll want to make sure that your staff are working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

You’re probably considering or already using a Warehouse Management System to make life easier.

A huge warehouse

A busy warehouse can benefit from a Warehouse Management System

If you’re already enjoying the benefits of Optimiser, you can now recommend that your clients choose Shopify as an alternative to Magento, as one of your preferred ecommerce platforms.


Now you know more about Shopify, and how it can benefit your business, or your warehouse, what’s stopping you from setting up your own online shop and growing your business?


If you need new WMS software, want a better of way of dispatching orders, or are interested in how to make your warehouse more efficient, then why not see how we can help?

Contact Us on 01270 500777 today, and tell us what you need.