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Huge distribution warehouse with high shelves and loaders. Bottom view.

IoT and warehouse management


With ecommerce on the rise, warehouses increasingly need the ability to manage large volumes of inventory, processing them quickly and accurately.

IoT (Internet of Things) warehouse management systems use connected tools, devices and software to collect key data at different stages in the process. That means managers can access real-time data that helps them automate and improve processes, reduce risk, and maximise efficiency.

How can IoT support warehouse management?

Asset tracking and warehouse management

With IoT based warehouse management systems, businesses can see information about all of their assets, local or global, in real-time. This means they can easily track and monitor their assets, having visibility of exactly where they are at any moment in time, including staff.

With the ability to locate and manage assets in real-time, IoT based systems give managers full visibility of all the items in their warehouse. Using sensors and data storage platforms, it’s possible to see where all goods are, receive notifications when stock is low or products are misplaced, receive instant alerts for asset theft, and much more. Smart technology can also be used to monitor storage conditions and adjust them when needed.

IoT uses in maintenance

IoT can be used to remotely monitor the condition of warehouse equipment and ensure that any potential issues are highlighted and corrected before failures occur. This reduces the risk of downtime and delays. The data collected by smart technology in IoT devices also helps reduce the risk of theft, spoilage and accidents.

Warehouse automation

IoT systems can be used to automate every task in the warehouse, which is particularly beneficial for tedious, labour intensive tasks such as stocking, picking, packaging, loading, and uploading. This allows the workforce to focus their time and attention on more complex tasks.

With smart warehouse management, processes such as ordering out of stock products can also be automated, while smart technologies such as smart glasses and guidance platforms can be used to help train and instruct staff, improving the productivity of the team and boosting accuracy and efficiency.

The benefits of IoT for warehouse management

IoT offers a host of benefits for warehouse management, including:

Increased transparency

IoT enables managers to collect warehouse data in real-time and share it with customers and other internal and external stakeholders. This ensures the process is completely transparent. If, for example, a product is unavailable, the customer will be automatically notified once it’s back in stock.

Reduced risk

By increasing real-time visibility and enabling predictive maintenance, IOT helps businesses reduce risks and downtime.

Improved productivity

With IoT, employees can access instant assistance when they need it. Along with the ability to prioritise tasks and identify the right packages, this helps boost productivity and efficiency.

Reduced costs

Smart warehouses powered by IoT systems and IoT devices utilise resources more effectively, meaning costs can be lowered.

Forecasting accuracy

Using IoT warehouse management software, it is possible to collect and process inventory data and insights, which in turn help accurately forecast key metrics such as product demand, employee workload, required warehouse space, and more.

Ultimately, IoT based warehouse management software helps ensure smoother processes, and cheaper, faster delivery. With connected sensors and smart technology, warehouse managers can access accurate, real-time data and insights at every point in the supply chain, allowing them to ensure their processes are fully optimised. This can operate in the warehouse, but is also scalable so that IoT can be deployed globally and managed

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