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Optima become NetDespatch Premium Partners



Optima WS are delighted to announce they have been chosen by NetDespatch as Premium Partners.

The idea of NetDespatch Premium Partners is to direct retailers who approach NetDespatch looking for solutions, towards a number of trusted companies so that they can evaluate which is right for them.

NetDespatch is the leading SaaS parcel data management platform for postal and parcel carriers.

It enables carriers to provide leading edge web-based applications and services for their customers that use delivery data directly transferred from order management and warehouse management systems. This can then be used to print shipping labels, customs documentation and manifests, as well as generate any required data files.

Carriers can also use the platform to make their tracking available from point of despatch to final delivery.

We are all very proud and honoured to have been chosen to be Premium Partners,  feelings that were echoed by Optima Managing Director Chris Roberts.

“Prior to using the NetDespatch platform, we had to create a bespoke link from our software to each individual carrier,” he said. “To create this set up and test the process was time consuming but now, using NetDespatch, with very little effort, we have written a single interface to its platform and we are immediately integrated with a number of leading carriers.

“This has enabled us to spend that time on our core business of developing powerful software packages that will make our customers’ warehouses more efficient!” 


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