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Optima is still here for you


Above anything else and most importantly, we are here to help. We’re all in this together.

As the global impact of the COVID-19 outbreak becomes more widespread, we have thought very carefully and have made sure that we are able to continue to support our customers with an uninterrupted service. We are committed to the safety of our employees and the community.

Here’s how we have equipped our colleagues to work from home and keep safe:

  • Enabled all home laptops to connect via Optima’s servers
  • Phone call ability to take every call, whether it be the support, sales or projects team
  • Ability to screen mirror to your device
  • Daily video calls between teams to maintain focus and ensure support queries are resolved
  • Constant monitoring of performance of servers and a non-interrupted service

For all of our potential new customers…

For all of our potential new customers, and those who are wondering what we can do to help anyone thinking of investing in a new WMS, we are able to conduct most new projects remotely if this is an option for you right now.

Have you seen a difference in operation during the lock-down and can see gaps in functionality? Want to see if there is something else out there to eliminate tasks and improve automation? Just want to have a chat with someone about how you can improve your operation?

Why is now a good time to start a new project?

  • An opportunity for you to take advantage of a quieter time and to implement improvements for when business increases.
  • Reduce reliance on manual processes and add automation to eliminate repetitive or time-consuming tasks.
  • Take advantage of full support from a company with no interruption of service.

When initiating a new project, we are taking the following precautions to ensure the safety of our colleagues and the community:

  • A remote set-up meaning no contact required
  • Screen-mirroring facility for support
  • Video-call facility for key communication
  • Full availability of colleagues and their expertise to support and advise

Whatever your current situation, more than anything else we want our current and potential new customers to know that we are here to help and support during this challenging time.