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The Advantages of a Warehouse Management System for a Small Business


A warehouse management system (WMS) can be of great benefit to any organisation regardless of size or location, but it can prove particularly vital for a small business. A company that operates with lower overheads can not only reap the benefits from a WMS that would apply to all businesses, but it can also receive boosts that are especially suited to a company which functions on a reduced scale.

We will be focusing on the advantages that a small business can receive from using a WMS, such as our Optimiser WMS that we’re offering to customers, here at Optima Warehouse Solutions. 

Inventory Management

The first major advantage for a small business using a WMS is how it positively impacts inventory management. It allows this vital task to be carried out more efficiently and quickly, thus allowing the organisation to stand alongside its other, larger 3PL competitors who are already utilising such software and are able to manage ever-increasing amounts of stock for their customers.

Inventory management is key to any business that utilises a warehouse to house its stock, but not only does a warehouse management system such as our Optimiser WMS allow your company to remain competitive and professional, but because it saves time and potentially lays the path towards increased revenue, it can then have a knock-on effect towards the introduction of further services to benefit and help to gradually grow your small business.

Improving Employee Productivity & Accuracy

For a smaller business, it is important that all employees are always making the most of their time and completing their tasks to the highest possible standard, but this can be tricky when there are so many things to do, which can then lead to jobs being rushed and/or carried out poorly. With a WMS in place, the employee will be able to complete their various tasks at a faster rate without compromising quality. This happens because they are able to devote their full attention to each singular duty, knowing that they are able to complete them more quickly and with greater accuracy. 

A warehouse management system such as our Optimiser WMS will ensure that an employee’s job will be carried out with greater levels of accuracy, care, consideration and attention to detail, and this combined with the reduced time and pressure allocated to each job will also have a big impact on employee productivity as each member of staff will be maximising their minutes on site more than ever before.

Automation & Integration

As a smaller business having a warehouse that is automated will be beneficial as it will allow you to focus on the core part of your business, which will allow you to cut down on manual tasks that slowdown the movement of goods. As a small business you will tend to not have the resources to manage a large number of clients, with having to manually key in orders, book shipping with couriers, work out invoicing charges and communicate with customers. With Optimiser, all of these can be automated, allowing a smaller business like yours to focus on what you do best.


A warehouse management system can prove to be extremely valuable for your small business in numerous ways, and in the case of our Optimiser WMS, it can make running the operations of the company a far easier endeavour. 

For any small business owners or managers who wish to find out further details about our various warehouse management system options, you can get in touch with us by calling 01270 500777, or by emailing