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Optima is still here for you - read about what we're doing to support businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak
Huge distribution warehouse with high shelves and loaders. Bottom view.



How do I choose a good warehouse? Our tips will help!

The leap in e-commerce in the wake of Covid-19 has signalled a new age of expectations within supply chains for both organisations and consumers alike. Optimising your storage and logistics solutions is paramount when it comes to setting the new industry standards and choosing the right warehouse, which is equipped to suit your needs is… Read more »


Guide to warehouse robots – the future of warehousing

Warehouse robotics are transforming the logistics industry. Ushering in a new era of automation, robotics have rapidly developed to have the capability to handle a vast variety of logistical tasks, with types of robots varying from articulated robotic arms, to semi-autonomous mobile collaborative robots and beyond. For many warehouse operatives, the pandemic has brought with… Read more »

empty interior of warehouse


How to optimise warehouse layout

If you aren’t using your warehouse space as effectively as possible, it can have a negative impact on your supply chain, workflow, shipping times, productivity, and customer satisfaction. A good warehouse layout, on the other hand, can not only streamline your workflow, but it can also create faster shipping times and optimise your operations. Optimising… Read more »

iot connections on a map of the world


IoT and warehouse management

With ecommerce on the rise, warehouses increasingly need the ability to manage large volumes of inventory, processing them quickly and accurately. IoT (Internet of Things) warehouse management systems use connected tools, devices and software to collect key data at different stages in the process. That means managers can access real-time data that helps them automate… Read more »

robotic arm in warehouse


How warehouse robotics can help your business

The use of robotics in warehouses has increased significantly in recent years. From the supply chain and distribution, through to warehouse management and maintenance, robotics is now playing a central role in warehouse automation. With constant advancements in technology, that’s only going to continue. According to the UK Warehouse Robotics Readiness Report, industries that rely… Read more »

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How is Covid-19 affecting warehousing?

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant and lasting impact on many areas of industry, not least warehousing. While some of these changes are temporary, others are likely to have a long-term effect. A year on since the first UK nationwide lockdown, we explore how the pandemic has affected warehousing. Social distancing Over the past… Read more »


How to choose a fulfilment services vendor

When selecting an outsourced fulfilment service for your business, there are several things to look out for to ensure they are the most suitable fulfilment company for your business. You need to find a company that can seamlessly work with you to store, pick and deliver your product efficiently, whilst up-keeping your quality and time… Read more »

Cogs representing efficiency


Five ways to improve warehouse efficiency

An efficient warehouse plays an integral role in an effective supply chain. Not only is warehouse efficiency crucial for customer satisfaction through timely order fulfilment, but it can increase productivity, reduce costs and impact significantly on your bottom line. Here, we reveal five ways to improve warehouse efficiency and explain the benefits they can bring… Read more »

covid empty roads


Coronavirus: what is the impact on warehousing?

No one in the warehousing sector is likely to forget 2020 anytime soon. The challenging and unprecedented circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have unquestionably impacted the warehousing industry. With its global lockdowns, tier systems and continuing economic challenges, we explore the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on warehousing. The new COVID-19 variant At the time… Read more »

car lights showing speed


Five ways to speed up order fulfilment in your warehouse

The key to a successful fulfilment company is efficiency. Without it, you risk delaying orders, upsetting customers and losing clients. To run efficiently as a fulfilment company, you need to always look to improve and evolve alongside your clients, ensuring you can deliver the high standards of service they require for their customers. For customers… Read more »