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Warehouse with many products on shelves


M3 Orange S Barcode Scanner


Review: M3 Orange S scanner

The M3 Orange S barcode scanner device will provide your business with high quality data capture and mobile communication at an industrial level of ruggedness. So it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular pieces of warehouse management equipment on the market thanks to the fact that it is smaller, lighter and has an… Read more »

Busy Warehouse with lots of items in cardboard boxes


5 Ways to maximise your warehouse performance

You’ve got orders coming out of your ears, you’re working late to reduce the backlog and all- in-all business is picking up. But unless your warehouse has the capacity to deal with a large influx of orders and a spike in sales, you could well be missing the boat with this purple patch. You could even… Read more »

Happy 10th Birthday badge


Optima celebrate 10 years of Software as a Service solution

Back in 2005 we were the first WMS supplier to release this innovative software as a service, giving customers all the power of a leading warehouse management system without the need for expensive hardware or IT expertise. The option to enable clients to access our WMS software on a monthly basis through our Optimiser online… Read more »

Graphic depicting WMS Benefits explained using Amazon as an example


The Benefits of WMS – Infographic

Setting up shop in the garage of his rental house on a winding suburban road east of Seattle, entrepreneur Jeff Bezos couldn’t have imagined how his company would grow. The garage has since been converted into a lounge, but that very house still has an oversized mail box on the front drive, a clue to… Read more »

Curtis Bridge running the 2015 Stafford Half Marathon


Keep on Running, Curtis!

Optima’s very own Curtis Bridge (above) donned his running gear and took part in the Stafford half marathon last week. Our pacey Project Coordinator completed the first leg of his two planned half marathons and lived to tell the tale. Not only finishing the event with flying colours, but knocking 30 minutes off last year’s time. So what next… Read more »

Warehouse manager with a clipboard looking at a shelf


5 Things to Consider when Choosing a WMS

Choosing a good WMS (warehouse management system) is great for customer service and client satisfaction, not to mention being beneficial to your staff and increasing the profitability of your business. But if you choose not to invest in a good warehouse management system you could face a constant battle to keep a stable customer base and… Read more »

Macbook with an graphic of a cloud on it and behind it


5 Ways cloud software can benefit your business

Offering access to a range of capabilities that typically only larger companies can afford, cloud computing has created something of a technology revolution for small businesses. And as a result companies can now tap into software and services on an “as they need” basis, (Software as as Services or SaaS) paying for what they use via a… Read more »

Old TVs, monitors and other electrical items ready to be recycled


Tis the season to be busy!

Hello and happy New Year to you! While many of you will still be recovering from the busy festive period and no doubt a few office parties or nights out, here at Optima, it’s been all work, work, work. But we’re not feeling sorry for ourselves, honest! Over December and January we have had two companies… Read more »

The Optima Team wearing Christmas jumpers


Optima enter the festive spirit for good causes

Last Friday was national Christmas Jumper Day so we teamed up with our friends at Webrevolve to really get into the festive spirit. As well as putting on our own festive fashion show in the office, we also donated toys and gifts to the Radio City Cash for Kids Toy Appeal that will be passed onto… Read more »

Image of SHip@Ease MyDPD logo


Optima now fully integrated with DPD Ship@Ease system

For customers who opt for our Courier Module we have now released full integration with the DPD Ship@Ease API system. This allows customers to integrate key functionality such as: Parcel shipping Tracking Returns Directly into their own website or enterprise system. So how does the DPD Ship@ease API system work? Orders are picked and packed… Read more »